Live Cricket Score – The Ashes, 2021-22, 2nd Test, Day 5, Adelaide

AUSTRALIA GO 2-0 UP! Jhye Richardson ends with a five-wicket haul, his maiden one in Tests, as he has Anderson fending to gully. Australia register victory by 275 runs and take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes! WICKET: Buttler is out hit wicket! A sad and cruel end to a resolute 207-ball stay. Buttler goes too deep in the crease to block Richardson and trods onto the stumps. Huge slice of luck for Australia. TEA : England 180/8 26 overs possible in the final session. Buttler remains unbeaten on 25 off 196! Australia just two away but England's lower order has made them work hard to get past. The final session promises to be quite interesting now. Stay tuned. Broad survives on review now… He's given out LBW now against Lyon but he reviews immediately. Replays show that there is a big inside edge on it. Australia lose a review… Stuart Broad survives but only just. He shoulders arms to an arm ball from Lyon and is struck on the pad. Smith sends it up, but there is a surprising amount of bounce on that full ball. Broad survives. WICKET: Robinson falls to Lyon… For the second time today a change of angle results in a wicket. Lyon packed the close-in fielders and went round the wicket to Robinson. It results in an outside edge that is pouched by Smith at slip. It ends an 87-ball partnership with Buttler. More than 32 overs left in the day still. Buttler continues to resist… He's shielding Robinson from the pacers and allowing him to face up to Lyon. It has worked for over 11 overs already. WICKET: Richardson gets Woakes! That ends a 190-ball resistance between Woakes and Buttler. Richardson gets one to nip in sharply off a length and beats Woakes' defence. He departs after a 97-ball 44. Frustration for Australia… The duo have batted out seven overs of the second new ball as well. England need to bat out 47 overs more to save the game. Slowly but surely, England's hopes are on the rise. Second new ball taken… Buttler and Woakes have been together for over 140 balls now. But will their resistance end now with the new ball? The fifty partnership has come up between Buttler and Woakes. DINNER: England 142/6, trail by 326 Buttler and Woakes have hung in for 106 balls now to keep England fighting. Australia are about 6 overs away from the second new ball that should help them further. Stay tuned. WICKET: Lyon gets Stokes He bowled 54 balls at Stokes before finally getting him. Stokes had been walking outside his off stump to counter Lyon and played from the crease. Lyon finally gets one to slide across and hit him in front of middle and leg. The on field decision is overturned by the ball-tracker. Stokes departs after a 77-ball 12. Australia lose a review in the same over though going up for a caught behind decision against Woakes. WICKET: Starc gets Pope Top start for Australia. Pope pokes at a length ball angled across and gets a thick edge to second slip. It was the first ball that Starc had gone to over the wicket after starting from round the wicket. Can England defy Australia? The 386 runs that England trail by is probably ungettable on the fifth day, especially after they've lost their top four. Presumably, the aim will be to draw this game from here. Ben Stokes has already blocked his way to a 40-ball 3 but how long can he stay put? Will he get adequate support if he hangs in? All signs point towards Australia going 2-0 up unless England conjure up some magic. Stay tuned.

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