Ind U19 vs NZ U19, Bloemfontein

India U19 won by 44 runs (DLS method match reduced to 23 ovs due to rain target 192)

NZ U19 - 147 (21 Ovs)
Ind U19 - 115/0 (23 Ovs)

That brings an end to the proceedings. So, India will face Australia in the Super League Quarter-Final 1 on January 28 at Senwes Park in Potchefstroom. That's going to be a mouth-watering clash. New Zealand still haven't officially qualified for the next round, they'll have to wait for the result between Japan vs Sri Lanka game, but certainly are the front-runners at this point. It's time for us to leave from here. Tomorrow is the last day of the league stage and there are as many as four matches lined up. Keep following Crictable for all the latest cricket updates, goodbye!

Priyam Garg: Very happy with today's performance and wish we continue like this in the same manner. All three games were different in the league stages, but we did well. Every game will be tough from here, we will take positives from this game as well.

Jesse Tashkoff: It ways always a good batting wicket but all credit to them. The two boys at the top were spectacular for them. There's a lot of positives to take from the league stages.

Ravi Bishnoi, MoM: The ball wasn't turning a lot, but I bowled wicket to wicket and that helped me a lot. They got off to a very good start, so when I came into the attack I was looking to bowl wicket-to-wicket. Most leg spinners want to be like Shane Warne and even I'm one of them. We are excited to play our next match and are confident enough to take on the Aussies.

18:07 Local Time, 16:07 GMT, 21:37 IST: Three out of three for the Indian U-19 boys and they finish at the top of Group A. Chasing 192, New Zealand's openers were cautious initially before Rhys Mariu went bonkers once he got his eye in. With a 50-plus opening stand, they got a headstart with Mariu tormenting the Indian bowlers. Ravi Bishnoi snared White and gave India a breakthrough in the sixth over. Mariu threw it away for 42 but Lellman gave a good account of himself after that wicket by finding boundaries when it mattered. However, with the required rate ballooning as high as 10 RPO, Lellman perished trying to accelerate and his dismissal triggered a collpase for New Zealand as India's spinners - Bishnoi and Ankolekar - choked the run-flow and shared 7 wickets between them to shut the door for the Kiwis as they were bundled out for 147.

20.6 Kartik Tyagi to David Hancock, out David Hancock Run Out!! Comical end to this game. Drilled to mid-off, Garg fumbled and you'd have expected Hancock to reach the other end comfortably, but Garg recovers and hits the bulls-eye, Hancock was struggling and fell short by three or four inches, easily. David Hancock run out (Priyam Garg) 5(8)

Kartik Tyagi to David Hancock, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

20.5 Kartik Tyagi to David Hancock, no run, full toss, punched to extra cover

20.4 Kartik Tyagi to William ORourke, leg byes, 1 run, slams ORourke on the boot as this was drifted on leg

20.3 Kartik Tyagi to William ORourke, no run, carbon copy of the previous ball, just that this was a little close to the off-stump. Slides under ORourke's bat as he gropes at it

20.2 Kartik Tyagi to William ORourke, no run, 138kph. Rifles this yorker just outside off and ORourke has no answer to it

William ORourke, right handed bat, comes to the crease

20.1 Kartik Tyagi to Adithya Ashok, out Bowled!! Unplayable yorker from Tyagi. Too good for any batsman, forget the tail-ender. Went wide of the crease and nails it in very, very full. By the time, Ashok could react, the ball had passed and knocked the middle-stump out of its groove. Adithya Ashok b Kartik Tyagi 6(8)

Kartik Tyagi to Adithya Ashok, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.6 Ravi Bishnoi to David Hancock, no run, tossed up outside off, Hancock for some strange reason ain't want to play at it

19.5 Ravi Bishnoi to Adithya Ashok, 1 run, worked away to long-on

19.4 Ravi Bishnoi to Adithya Ashok, no run, slower and turning away just outside off, eased to the right of the bowler

19.3 Ravi Bishnoi to Adithya Ashok, 2 runs, plays it gently to mid-wicket, a run-out chance at the striker's end but Jurel can't collect the throw cleanly

19.2 Ravi Bishnoi to David Hancock, 1 run, push-drives it to extra cover

19.1 Ravi Bishnoi to Adithya Ashok, 1 run, drives this flighted delivery to extra cover, fumble from the fielder and they will pinch the single