DBL vs QLD, Abu Dhabi

Qalandars won by 3 wkts

Qalandars - 104/7 (9.5 Ovs)
Delhi Bulls - 98/8 (10 Ovs)

Qalandars move to the top spot with this win and thereby confirm a top-two finish. They will face the winner of the next match - Bangla Tigers vs Maratha Arabians - which is starting in a few minutes. Switch tabs to follow the action.

Dawid Malan | Qalandars captain: I thought we bowled exceptionally well, exceptthe last two overs. We started well with the bat. Excited for the next stage. We weren't planning too far head. We'll have a look at it and do our homework. The Arabaians look like the team to beat. Hopefully, we don't get them tomorrow.

Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Player of the Match: It's been great fun. It was nice to get some runs today. It's never nice to go to the last over. Luckily, it went our way tonight.

17:20 Local Time, 13:20 GMT, 18:50 IST: A humdinger of a match. Chasing 99, the Qalandars came out all guns blazing and in the process lost wickets at regular intervals. Three of their top four batsmen got starts, but couldn't convert it into a big one. But, they ensured that the asking rate was under check. Zaheer Khan was tremendous with the ball - 2/8 in two overs. But, George Garton and Clark held their nerves in the final moments to take their team past the winning line. Hang around for the presentations..

9.5 Rampaul to George Garton, SIX, dug in short, Garton stands tall and pummels the pull over deep square leg. Finishes the match in style. Qalandars win by 3 wickets

Just 1 needed to win

9.4 Rampaul to George Garton, FOUR, would you believe it? The batsman backs away and Rampaul follows him with a yorker. Garton gets an inside edge on his flick and the keeper can't reach depsite a dive. Ah! Can't blame the bowler, there

9.3 Rampaul to J Clark, 1 run, in the blockhole, jammed down to long-on and the fielder was quick to get to the ball. 5 needed of 3 balls

9.2 Rampaul to J Clark, 2 runs, yorker length, wristed through mid-wicket and the batters take another couple. Has George Garton made his ground? The TV umpire is called again. Garton is in. 6 needed off 4 balls

9.1 Rampaul to J Clark, 2 runs, in-angler, very full ball, clipped to long-on and the batters decide to come back for the second. The throw comes to the striker's end - slightly off target - and Clark puts in a superb dive to make his ground. The TV umpire's service was needed. 8 needed off 5 balls

Ten needed off the final over

8.6 Waheed Ahmed to J Clark, 1 run, fullish ball, hammered down to long-off and Clark keeps the strike

8.5 Waheed Ahmed to J Clark, no run, off-speed ball from a length and outside off, Clark has a mighty swing of the bat only to connect with thin air

8.4 Waheed Ahmed to George Garton, leg byes, 1 run, slower ball, dips and a shuffling Garton misses the sweep. The ball rolls towards short fine leg off the batter's pad. The impact was clearly outside off

George Garton, left handed bat, comes to the crease

8.3 Waheed Ahmed to Sultan Ahmed, out Caught by Will Jacks!! Another one bites the dust! Sultan Ahmed tries to play a big shot and pays the price. Away-angling good length ball, Ahmed stands tall to hammer it downtown. Gets it off the cue end and holes out at long-off. Don't think the batters crossed over either. So, the new batsman will be on strike. Sultan Ahmed c Will Jacks b Waheed Ahmed 3(3)

Waheed Ahmed to Sultan Ahmed, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

8.2 Waheed Ahmed to J Clark, 1 run, low full toss, drilled to long-off

8.2 Waheed Ahmed to J Clark, wide, slower ball, but Waheed Ahmed errs with his line - miles outside off

8.1 Waheed Ahmed to J Clark, FOUR, a good yorker, Clark directs it to short third man and an awkward bounce results in Zaheer letting the ball go past him. Four valuable runs for the Qalandars