HT vs SML, Bengaluru

Shivamogga Lions won by 6 wkts

Shivamogga Lions - 155/4 (18 Ovs)
Hubli Tigers - 154 (20 Ovs)

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Abhimanyu Mithun: It's really a happy feeling. We knew if we play to our potential, we can win matches. We had a good plan but overall, it was a good performance from the boys.

Vinay Kumar: We need to give credit to Shivamogga for the way they played. We were 15-20 runs short. The wicket got better in the second innings, but we didn't bowl well and if we bowl like this, it will be very difficult for us in the next few games.

Nihal Ullal, Player of the Match: I thought the wicket was a little sticky and slow. At the mid-way break, we had in mind not to lose too many wickets and after the Powerplay, we wanted to attack the spinners. Our plan was that the batsman coming in has to take chances while I bat through.

18:32 Local Time, 13:02 GMT, 18:32 IST: Nidhish applied the finishing touches but it was Nihal Ullal, who's played a blistering knock for his team. Where rest of the batters struggled to get going, Nihal looked in supreme touch from the word go. Hubli's bowlers weren't consistent with their lines and lengths, but got to say that they were just blown away by that innings from Nihal, who remained unbeaten on 88 and certainly, the contender for the Player of the Match. We'll wait for the presentations then.

17.6 Vinay Kumar to M Nidhish, FOUR, that's the game in the bag for Shivamogga Lions. Back-to-back fours to seal it off. Pitched very full, Nidhish gets under it and tonks it over mid-off

17.5 Vinay Kumar to M Nidhish, FOUR, bottom-handed hoick, two fielders converge but they fail to stop it. That's poor from the fielder, fails to get down in time and Kumar will be livid

17.4 Vinay Kumar to M Nidhish, no run, rising short ball, Nidhish hops back and across, pushing it awkwardly to point

17.3 Vinay Kumar to Nihal Ullal, 1 run, this stayed very low, Ullal gets his bat down in time and blunts it to point

17.2 Vinay Kumar to Nihal Ullal, FOUR, pack your bags, Ullal is taking the Lions home. Back of a length and Ullal rocks back to club it wide of long-on. The fielder makes a meal of it, over-running and couldn't stop it from reaching the ropes

17.1 Vinay Kumar to M Nidhish, 1 run, short ball, pulled through square leg

Vinay Kumar [3.0-0-17-0] is back into the attack

M Nidhish, right handed bat, comes to the crease

16.6 Mitrakanth to Akshay Ballal, out Caught by KL Shrijith!! Ballal went for the conventional sweep, gets a top edge which balloons up. Shrikith from short fine leg flies across and dives, takes it airborne. It was slipping out but he somehow cushions it onto his chest. Akshay Ballal c KL Shrijith b Mitrakanth 20(11) [4s-3]

Mitrakanth to Akshay Ballal, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Woah. Jonty-esque dive from Srijith, but has he managed to hold onto it? The umpires aren't convinced and decide it take it upstairs. Lots of angles being looked at, but the replays aren't too conclusive. The Third umpire seems okay with the catch and passes the marching orders.

16.5 Mitrakanth to Akshay Ballal, FOUR, reverse-sweep, innovation from Ballal and gets it where he wanted. There was slight edge but he won't matter. Zooms through the vacant slip cordon, the key was he rolled his wrists there

16.4 Mitrakanth to Nihal Ullal, 1 run, arm-ball, Ullal manufactures room and cuts it to point

16.3 Mitrakanth to Akshay Ballal, 1 run, slider on middle and leg, nurdled to short fine leg for a quick single

Run-out referral. Nihal is comfortably in, despite a direct-hit.