Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes, 8th Match

Melbourne Stars won by 52 runs

MLS - 163/4 (20)
HBH - 111 (16)

CRR:  6.94

Player of the Match


That's a wrap from the first game. Don't go away for too long as the second game is going to start in just over an hour. Do tune in to that game between Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers. For now, it is a goodbye from here..

Haris Rauf | Man of the Match: It was my dream to play the Big Bash. The last two years I have been playing grade cricket in Sydney and Melbourne Stars gave me a chance. This award is dedicated to my family and the Qalandars who sent me to play here in Australia. Dale Steyn is my idol and it is an honour to be in the same team as him. I have been training in Sydney along with Aaqib Javed.

17:50 Local Time, 06:50 GMT, 12:20 IST: The chase depended on D'Arcy Short and Ben McDermott but once the duo were the sent back inside the powerplay the batting line-up just fell apart. Caleb Jewel held one end up but he too was sent back within the 10-over mark. Maxwell started it all by sending back Short and then accounting for Miller, the two leggies - Lamichhane and Zampa - kept the pressure on before Haris Rauf came up and finished things off with a pacy spell. The Pakistani pacer, called as a cover for Steyn, picked up the first 5-fer of the season and ended with figures of 5 for 27.

HBH: 111-10 after 16 overs

15.6 Zampa to Riley Meredith, out Stumped!! Melbourne Stars win by 52 runs. Rauf collects the ball and keeps it as a souvenir. He even shows the ball around to the crowd. Zampa slips in the wrong 'un and Meredith goes for a slog across the line, he is beaten by the turn in and the back foot is dragged out of the crease, Handscomb does the rest to give the Stars their second successive win. Riley Meredith st Handscomb b Zampa 2(3)

Zampa to Riley Meredith, THATS OUT!! Stumped!!

Stumping check sent upstairs. Handscomb is confident and is celebrating with his mates. Fair delivery. The foot is out of the crease. OUT!

15.5 Zampa to Clive Rose, 1 run, quicker and around off, Rose crunches it to sweeper cover

15.4 Zampa to Clive Rose, SIX, just cleared the fielder at deep mid-wicket. It was miscued slog sweep and it had plenty of air time, Hinchliffe jumped up and got a hand but it was just his fingertips

15.3 Zampa to Clive Rose, no run, googly outside off, Rose drives and is beaten on the inside edge. He played outside the line there

15.2 Zampa to Clive Rose, no run, quicker and at the stumps, Rose knocks it back down the wicket

15.1 Zampa to Riley Meredith, 1 run, flighted outside off, Meredith drives it towards sweeper cover

Adam Zampa [3.0-0-21-1] is back into the attack

HBH: 103-9 after 15 overs

14.6 Haris Rauf to Clive Rose, FOUR, cracking shot! Rauf searching for his sixth wicket overpitches the full delivery, Rose makes room and creams the drive past the cover fielder, no protection in the deep and the ball races away to the fence. Rauf finishes with superb figures - 4-0-27-5

14.5 Haris Rauf to Clive Rose, no run, back of a length around off, Rose chops the cut in front of cover

14.4 Haris Rauf to Clive Rose, no run, fuller and around off, Rose jams it hard onto the ground and the ball bounces over Rauf

14.3 Haris Rauf to Riley Meredith, 1 run, short of length around off, Meredith steers it to third man

Riley Meredith, right handed bat, comes to the crease

14.2 Haris Rauf to Nathan Ellis, out Bowled!! Haris Rauf, take a bow! He has a 5-fer. Does the sajda next to the surface as his team mates come up to congratulate him. He was not able to hit the stumps with his normal deliveries, so he turns to the slower one, the ball dips and goes through the swinging blade of Ellis and crashes into the stumps. The Stars are one wicket away from wrapping this up. Nathan Ellis b Haris Rauf 12(10) [4s-1]

Haris Rauf to Nathan Ellis, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

14.2 Haris Rauf to Nathan Ellis, wide, bouncer which is too high and sails over a flashing Ellis, called for height