IRE vs ZIM, Bready, Northern Ireland

Ireland won by 9 wkts (D/L Method - Reduced to 13 overs per side due to rain - Target 134)

IRE - 134/1 (10.5 Ovs)
ZIM - 132/8 (13 Ovs)

That brings an end to our coverage of this game, join us on 14th July for the third T20I of the series. Can Zimbabwe manage to get a consolation win or will it be Ireland all the way? See you in a couple of days to find that out. For now, it's a goodbye from our side!

19:44 Local Time, 18:44 GMT, 00:14 IST: Ireland have made a mockery of the run chase! A stroll in the park, a child's play - call it whatever you want to. At the halfway stage, it seemed as if Zimbabwe would give Ireland a tough time but Stirling had other ideas. Along with Kevin O'Brien he got them off to a flier and once Kevin departed, it was Balbirnie who came in and joined the party. Stirling kept smoking them out of the park and due to his 36-ball 83*, Ireland managed to thump Zimbabwe by 9 wickets. Clinical performance by the Men in Green.

10.5 Jarvis to Stirling, 1 run, Ireland - 4 | Zimbabwe - 0. Ireland are still unbeaten as they complete a comprehensive victory. Stirling hits the winning run as he bunts the low full toss towards mid-on and scampers towards the bowler's end. Game over as Stirling shines!

10.4 Jarvis to Stirling, 2 runs, gets an inside edge towards fine leg as he goes hard at this one, manages to take a couple of runs. Scores level

10.3 Jarvis to Stirling, SIX, thumped over deep mid-wicket! A short ball by Jarvis, Stirling moves across in his crease and sends it over the fence with a swat, lovely

10.2 Jarvis to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, dropped at fine leg! Andy Balbirnie pulls the short ball into the deep and Mpofu puts down a sitter, things getting worse for 'em!

10.1 Jarvis to Andy Balbirnie, 2 runs, heaves this one towards deep square leg off an inside edge and takes a couple of runs

Kyle Jarvis [2.0-0-23-0] is back into the attack

9.6 Mpofu to Stirling, no run, eases this one back to the bowler

9.5 Mpofu to Stirling, FOUR, that almost went the distance! Stirling was down on his knee to slogsweep this but the ball catches the top-edge and flies towards the third man fence, nothing can go wrong for Stirling today

9.4 Mpofu to Stirling, no run, carves this one to backward point, does Stirling

9.3 Mpofu to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, slices the overpitched delivery to sweeper cover

9.2 Mpofu to Stirling, 1 run, pitched up by Mpofu and it's been chipped to long-on by Stirling

9.1 Mpofu to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, drives this one past the bowler who gets his hand to it and parries it away to mid-on

Chris Mpofu [1.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack

8.6 Raza to Stirling, no run, makes room and chip-drives the floated ball to wide mid-off

8.5 Raza to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, darted on leg, Andy Balbirnie clips it through square leg for a single

8.4 Raza to Stirling, 1 run, works this one through the leg side for a single

8.3 Raza to Stirling, no run,

8.2 Raza to Stirling, SIX, tonked over long-on! A full and flighted ball around off, Stirling stands tall and clears the long-on fence, six more for the dangerous opener

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