DHD vs RGR, Dhaka

Dhaka Dynamites won by 2 runs

Rangpur Riders - 181/9 (20 Ovs)
Dhaka Dynamites - 183/9 (20 Ovs)

That's it from this game. There's one more coming up in a few minutes from now. Switch tabs and catch all the action from that game. Goodbye!

Shakib: We knew that he (Aliss Islam) has the potential and that's why we picked him. Luckily for him, he showed his class. Long way to go, but credit goes to him. We played very good game of cricket, in fact both teams played well. It's one of the highlight of this year's BPL (on Russell and Pollard's catch). Winning close matches gives you extra motivation and confidence.

Aliss Islam is the Man of the Match.

Mortaza: It was a good match. We need to improve in the next match. Pollard played a great knock, credit goes to him. We fumbled in the middle overs. The way Rossouw and Mithun batted was very good to see. They should've finished it, but we'll learn from our mistakes.

The crackers go off in the background. Shakib has his arms aloft in joy and Aliss Islam has held his nerve in defending 14 off the final over. Rangpur had the game in the bag till the 15th over as Rilee Rossouw propped them up with a blistering 44-ball 83. But his dismissal proved to be the turning point in the game as the Riders lost wickets in a heap including the set Mithun. Aliss Islam - resurrected his karma charts after dropping a slew of catches in the field. The youngster took a hat-trick in the 18th over and quashed the hopes of any comeback from Rangpur. With 14 needed off the final over, Shafiul showed some fight striking two boundaries off the first two balls, however Aliss Islam executed his plans to perfection, helping his side clinch a nerve-wracking 2-run victory.

19.6 Aliss Islam to Shafiul, 1 run, nope, it's all over. Aliss Islam seals it for his team. Drifted down leg, Islam glances it straight to short fine leg. Either side of him, it was a boundary. Dhaka win by 2 runs

4 required off the final ball. Can Shafiul pull it off?

19.5 Aliss Islam to Nazmul Islam, 1 run, in the air and short of extra cover. Islam steps out and loses his shape on the slog, gets it off the outer half and it falls short of the fielder. They will settle for a single

5 needed from 2 balls.

19.4 Aliss Islam to Nazmul Islam, no run, Islam runs down the track and squeezes it back to the bowler

19.3 Aliss Islam to Shafiul, 1 run, thumped down to long-on, just a single

19.2 Aliss Islam to Shafiul, FOUR, well, 8 off first two. Islam is perplexed. Shafiul Islam is not going down with a fight. Quicker outside off, Shafiul reaches out and slaps it through extra cover

19.1 Aliss Islam to Shafiul, FOUR, what a start to the over. Flighted outside off, Islam drives it fluently and it beats long-off

Nazmul Islam, left handed bat, comes to the crease

14 required off the last over. One wicket in hand.

18.6 Narine to Benny Howell, out Bowled!! Cleaned him up. Narine roars back to remove Howell. Fires it full, quick and into the blockhole. Howell can't get his bat down in time and it strikes the off-pole. Benny Howell b Narine 13(8) [6s-1]

Narine to Benny Howell, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

18.5 Narine to Benny Howell, SIX, oh, he's connected it beautifully. Drama here in Dhaka. This game is still not over. Howell gets under a flighted delivery and murders it over cow corner

18.4 Narine to Benny Howell, 2 runs, dropped. Howell mistimes it and sends it into the night sky towards deep square leg. The fielder runs across and puts it down

Shafiul Islam, right handed bat, comes to the crease

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