Cricket news - Langer admits Australia could've talked more about 'taking the knee' in England series

What we do talk about in the team is we want to have a response that is sustained and powerful: Langer

What we do talk about in the team is we want to have a response that is sustained and powerful: Langer

In response to sharp criticism from Michael Holding, Australia head coach Justin Langer admitted that the team could've thought and talked about 'taking a knee' before the start of their matches in the limited-overs series against England in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the resumption of international cricket with the Test series between England and West Indies, teams have made it a point to 'take a knee' before the start of a match in support of the BLM movement. The support has in fact been worldwide, with teams across sport showing their solidarity behind the movement.

Holding, who has been vocal about the support needed for the movement, criticised England and Australia for not joining in with the rest of the cricketing fraternity.

The former West Indies great was particularly miffed with Aaron Finch's statement before the start of the series where the Australian captain said that he had consulted with his England counterpart and made a collective decision about not taking the knee - and that in matters like these, education was more important than protest.

With the advantage of hindsight, Langer reckoned the team could've done more but also reiterated that the intention wasn't to show disrespect towards what has swiftly become a powerful and symbolic gesture around the world.

"In terms of taking a knee, to be completely honest we could've talked more about it perhaps leading up to that first game; there was so much going on leading up to us getting here, maybe we should've thought and talked a bit more about it," Langer said.

"What we do talk about in the team is we want to have a response that is sustained and powerful and it can go, not just in one action, but sustained periods, not just throughout this series, throughout our summer, but throughout time.

"We're looking at ways, I know there's a lot of talk going on within our group about how we can, I know there's a lot of talking going on about the Australian women's team as well, about how we can have a sustained and powerful response to Black Lives Matter. It's incredibly important, and I just hope and certainly from Mikey's point of view I hope if it looked like there was a lack of respect there, that certainly wasn't the intention of our team.

"We're very aware of it, and when Mikey says what he says, then it's certainly worth listening to and we'll be doing that," Langer added.

Langer also referenced Holding's 'powerful message' before the start of the first Test between England and West Indies - an emotional monologue in support of BLM - and why it was important for everyone involved in sports and otherwise to pay close attention to it.

"Michael Holding is one of the great people of world sport, and certainly our game," Langer said. "He's a person who I personally have great admiration, great respect, great love for, and we all watched his presentation, his heartfelt thoughts at the start of the summer. When someone like Michael says something like that, it is certainly important we all listen to it.

"It was a powerful statement by Mikey, as it has been consistently from him and from others throughout the summer, and because of that, it was a powerful message."