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Madhya Pradesh vs Mumbai, Final

Madhya Pradesh won by 6 wkts

MUM - 374 & 269
MP - 536 & 108/4 (29.5)

CRR: 3.62

Player of the Match

Player of the Series


Aditya collects the trophy and joins his team mates who are standing in front of the CHAMPIONS board. The Ranji Trophy returned after a gap of one year and was played whole 2 phases in a truncated format, but 2 of the best teams reached the final and it was Madhya Pradesh who were better whole the five days. Mumbai tried hard but the wait for title number 42 continues.. That's all from us. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Switch tabs and catch updates from the others games happening. Until next time, goodbye and stay safe.

Aditya Shrivastava: Completely ecstatic. Generation kind of match time has gone by since MP has won the Ranji Trophy for the first time. It is the moment of a lifetime for me. The emotions are deep, we are trying to laugh it out but we are extremely emotional from the inside. This has been my first year as captain and whatever I know about leading a side is from Chandrakant Sir. I will like to continue this. The stage is going to get to our mind but we have to stick to the process, that is what has got us here and will keep us here. That is the mantra we were speaking about in the meetings too. It is a good group coming into as we have been playing xi together from 2013. There is a good mix of youngsters and experienced players. Doing it once was not at all easy but it is going to be tougher to do it again.

Prithvi Shaw: I think the way the boys have played it is unbelievable. Lot of youngsters and new guys showed character and showed what Mumbai cricket is all about. Every day can't be your day, MP guys batted and bowled well. We can learn from this and move forward. If you ask personally I could have batted longer, there will be ups and downs in cricket. All my focus was on what I can do better for the boys and team, surely will come back stronger next year. If you see the scorecard you can see the kind of talent we have; Arman, Sarfaraz, Suved are the future of Mumbai cricket. It is a proud moment for me to captain Mumbai. I really enjoyed playing xi under Amol sir, he's really calm and mighty and put in a lot of hard work this year. We didn't get the cup but hope he's happy with the effort we put in.

Sarfaraz Khan, Player of the Series: Credit goes to my father. I am just trying to score as many runs and stay at the wicket for as long as possible. I keep trying to play as many games as I can. From my childhood we have been playing xi and we know how to play in what situation.

Shubham Sharma, Player of the Match: Me and the entire team is emotional. First match time we have won and it is a great feeling. I learnt a lot from the first innings and Chandrakant sir also spoke to me. I was trying to give my best in every game but fortunately the best came out in the final.

Chandrakant Pandit: It is a great memory that I had left 23 years back (he lost the Ranji Trophy final as MP captain in 1998-99) and it is a blessing that I come back here, and winning this trophy was fabulous. It is emotional because I missed out as captain on the same ground. There is no a particular reason but I look for a challenging job where the teams are not doing well, there also should be youngsters and to develop that particular state. I used to play for MP and played for them for 6 years, I knew the culture and when the offer came to me in March, I did not hesitate. There were a couple of offers but I chose MP because I had left something 23 years back and God willingly brought me back to the same state. Sometimes the talent is there but you need to develop the culture and whatever the game demands I try to inculcate them. Aditya has been an outstanding captain, the plans and strategies we discuss, he was not afraid to implement them on the field. The captain makes the team win 50 percent of the match time and he did a fantastic job even though he wasn't getting runs. I owe this trophy to Madhya Pradesh. I will like to thank all the well wishers, the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association and Madhavrao Scindia.

14:52 Local Time, 09:22 GMT, 14:52 IST: What a day for Madhya Pradesh cricket. They took on the indomitable finding Mumbai and came out of it Champions! Mumbai steamrolled everyone enroute to the final, but they have been outplayed by Madhya Pradesh in this 2022 Ranji Trophy final. A game that started with Sarfaraz Khan scoring a superb ton in the first innings, but his ton was made to look insignificant by Shubham Sharma, Yash Dubey and Rajat Patidar who all got centuries. MP have been ahead of the curve on most occasions, and dismissed Mumbai beginning than expected today morning with Kumar Kartikeya being its standout bowler. Then, it was Patidar and Sharma shining once again to chase down the target with more than a session to spare. A moment of jubilation for MP, another feather in the cap of the domestic behemoth Chandrakant Pandit who is being paraded on the shoulders of these players. And to think MP have got its first Ranji Trophy without 2 of its stars in Avesh Khan and Venkatesh Iyer, these players can truly bask in the glory today. Stay tuned for the presentations next...

29.5 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, 1 run, he's done it! Congratulations, Madhya Pradesh. A googly comes off stump, Patidar cuts comes cover-point and the MP players have swarmed the field. An emotional Chandrakant Pandit slowly walks comes the middle and embraces his players

29.4 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, no run, tossed up, driven straight to extra cover

29.3 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, 4 , flat and retains low outside off, Patidar dabs it to the right of backward point and the scores are level!

29.2 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, no run, flat and spinning away. Patidar shoulders arms

29.1 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, no run, a flat leg spinner outside off that didn't turn. Patidar cuts it to short cover

Sarfaraz Khan, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

MP: 103-4 after 29 overs

28.6 Shams Mulani to Shrivastava, no run, flatter on off, punched off the backfoot comes backward point

28.5 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, 1 run, flighted again, Patidar drives to deep extra cover

28.4 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, no run, pitched up, once again defended onto the off side

28.3 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, no run, tossed up, Patidar defends comes short cover

6 more to win , will Patidar finish off in T20 style amidst chants of RCB?

28.2 Shams Mulani to Shrivastava, 1 run, pitched up, pushed comes long-off to get off the mark

Aditya Shrivastava, right handed bat, comes to the crease

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