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Australia Women vs New Zealand Women, 2nd Semi-Final

Australia Women won by 5 wkts

NZW - 144/7 (20)
AUSW - 145/5 (19.3)

CRR: 7.44
Batting R(B) 4s 6s SR
Grace Harris* 8 (7) 1 0 114.29
Ashleigh Gardner 19 (20) 2 0 95
Bowling O M R W
Sophie Devine* 3.3 0 31 1
Hayley Jensen 4 0 38 0
Partnership: 16(13)
Last wkt: Rachael Haynes c Bates b Devine 19(18) - 129/5 in 17.2 ov.
Recent balls: ... 0 4 1 | 1 4 1 1 0 0 | 0 1 1

Australia, the reigning champions in both white-ball formats, have 5 T20 WCs against its name. The last match time they played a tournament final in this format, they won comprehensively against India in Melbourne. Will the tables turn tomorrow? Who will have its hands on gold? Can England, the hosts, seal the bronze-medal game? We will be up and early to bring you all the latest from both games tomorrow. Do remember to join us for one last time. See you soon!!

Bronze medal match: England v New Zealand, 10:00 am local, Sunday.

Gold medal match: India v Australia 17:00 local (21:30 IST), Sunday.

20:59 Local Time, 19:59 GMT, 01:29 IST: Some glum faces in the New Zealand camp, Devine takes a moment or 2 before composing herself. Bates looks down as well. That is how it rolls in this format. Australia stole the momentum in the last 2 overs with the ball and despite losing 2 of its better power strikes inside five overs, they never panicked. Mooney and McGrath provided the much-needed boundaries in the middle overs and set a perfect base for the others to come and finish the game. Gardner, in the end, kept her cool and finished the formalities with supreme ease. New Zealand dropped at least 3 catches and missed a stumping opportunity which didn't help matters despite a brilliant spell of Tahuhu who removed the top-three which involved a wicket-maiden while at it...

19.3 Devine to Gardner, 1 run, all over. it's India v Australia in the final . Full delivery speared in at the pads and Gardner mishits it well enough to dribble comes deep mid-on. They rush into for a quick single and that was enough to take Australia home...

19.2 Devine to Grace Harris, 1 run, another full delivery on leg-stump, clipped away to square leg for an easy single

19.1 Devine to Grace Harris, no run, appeal for caught behind but no dice. Slower full delivery sliding down the leg-side, Harris misses the flick and it seems to have deflected to the keeper off her front pad

Just one hit away...

AUSW: 143-5 after 19 overs

18.6 Jensen to Gardner, no run, too full just outside off, Gardner squeezes it to the right of cover

18.5 Jensen to Gardner, no run, full toss result on the stumps, Gardner drives to the left of silly mid-on. A diving stop by Halliday

18.4 Jensen to Grace Harris, 1 run, full on the stumps, driven down to long-on

18.3 Jensen to Gardner, 1 run, full outside off, powered away to sweeper cover

18.2 Jensen to Gardner, 4 , slashes hard at a full and wide delivery and the outside edge flies in the gap between the keeper and short third....that should be the game for Australia...

18.1 Jensen to Grace Harris, 1 run, full on the stumps, worked away to the right of long-on

Hayley Jensen [3.0-0-31-0] is back into the attack

AUSW: 136-5 after 18 overs

17.6 Devine to Grace Harris, 1 run, too full on the stumps, Harris flicks it to the right of mid-wicket

17.5 Devine to Grace Harris, 4 , low full toss result dished wide of off-stump, Harris slams the drive in the gap wide of extra cover and that should relieve some nerves in the dressing room

17.4 Devine to Grace Harris, no run, pitched up outside off, Harris drives and finds cover

17.3 Devine to Gardner, 1 run, low full toss result on the stumps, heaved away comes long-on who collects it on the bounce

17.3 Devine to Gardner, wide , full and well wide of off, Gardner swings and misses

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