Melbourne Stars Women vs Perth Scorchers Women, 1st Semi-Final

Melbourne Stars Women won by 7 wkts

PRSW - 125/8 (20)
MLSW - 127/3 (16.2)

CRR:  7.78

Player of the Match


The most consistent team of the tournament has made it to the final. And the team that made it to the semifinal largely due to their net run rate is out, as expected. But, the next game that's between Brisbane Heat Women and Sydney Thunder Women is expected to be a much closer contest. Who will come out on top in that battle? Join us tomorrow to find the out. So that's that from our side for the day. Goodbye and take care!

Alana King, Player of the Match: It was an unbelievable performance. If someone told me before the game that you could get the top three, I would take it. Don't think we are too bothered who we play next. We need to get the job done on Saturday.

21:59 Local Time, 10:59 GMT, 16:29 IST: Now, that's what you get when the number one placed team takes on the number fourth placed team of the tournament. A rather one sided contest. Nothing to take away from Melbourne Stars though, as they were absolutely clinical across all departments today. Their bowlers restricted Mooney and Devine in the powerplay, and as a result of that pressure built, the bowlers who followed next made the most out of the situation. Alana King was the star with the ball as she bagged three quality wickets. In reply, Lanning and Villani got them off to a flier and after their departure it was the duo of Sciver and Sutherland that took them over the line, with the former playing an impressive knock of 47*. All smiles in the Stars camp as they have made it to the final with this top notch performance.

16.2 Devine to Sutherland, FOUR, for the first time in WBBL - Melbourne Stars have made it to the final. Sutherland hits the winning runs as she lofts over the fielder at mid-off to seal the deal

16.1 Devine to Sciver, 1 run, hacked through mid-wicket as Stars move closer to the target with this single

Sophie Devine [2.0-0-12-1] is back into the attack

Stars need 4 runs in 4 overs..

MLSW: 122-3 after 16 overs

15.6 Heather Graham to Sutherland, no run, length delivery around off, Sutherland eases it in front of covers

15.5 Heather Graham to Sutherland, 2 runs, opens her bat face and slices it past the fielder at point for two easy runs

15.4 Heather Graham to Sciver, 1 run, bunts the length delivery down to long-on for one

15.3 Heather Graham to Sciver, no run, length delivery around middle and leg, Sciver bunts it towards mid-wicket

15.2 Heather Graham to Sciver, 2 runs, straying on Sciver's pads as she works it through the leg side for two more

15.1 Heather Graham to Sciver, FOUR, Sciver moves into the 40s with this whack! Full toss by Heather Graham and it has been played through mid-wicket with a lot of power. Just a matter of time..

Heather Graham [3.0-0-18-1] is back into the attack

MLSW: 113-3 after 15 overs

14.6 Samantha Betts to Sciver, 1 run, 13 runs in that over. Stars require only 13 runs now. Can they finish it off in the next over or two? Most likely to. Was a length delivery by Samantha Betts that was bunted down to long-on for one

14.5 Samantha Betts to Sutherland, 1 run, drilled down to long-off for a single now

14.4 Samantha Betts to Sutherland, FOUR, right then. Here's the fifty-run stand for the fourth wicket. Drifting on the batter's pads as Sutherland works it with nonchalance through square leg. Lovely timing and the placement was even better

14.3 Samantha Betts to Sutherland, SIX, that's the cleanest strike of the evening! A length delivery around off, Sutherland gets right underneath it and tonks it as clean as a whistle. Many-a-mile as this clears the long-off boundary and Stars inch closer to their target

14.2 Samantha Betts to Sutherland, no run, slower delivery outside off, nice carry as Sutherland swings and misses

14.1 Samantha Betts to Sciver, 1 run, driven down to long-on by Sciver as Samantha Betts goes touch fuller