Galle Gladiators vs Colombo Kings, 4th Match

Colombo Kings won by 34 runs (5 overs per side due to rain)

CLK - 96/1 (5)
GGD - 62/2 (5)

CRR:  12.40

Player of the Match


So, LPL saw Afridi special yesterday and Russell Muscle show today. The fans couldn't have wished for anything more. This has been a fun league so far. And credit to the groundsmen for working overtime and dilligently to get their acts together and provide us with a five over game. Expect some more as the caravan moves on at the LPL. For today, we will leave you with memories of a Andre Russell tearing apart the Galle team. Tadaa!

Andre Russell: When you are batting in a five over game, you just see the ball and hit the ball. I think it is all about the bat speed. The base and everything comes together. I was struggling with the timing for the last two months and I mishit most of them today as well. But am grateful to the edges. Shows that if you swing hard even mishits clear the rope. I was worried about my front leg and a clear head. I am happy it came off today.

Angelo Mathews: Today it was all about the Russell show. He just took the game away from them. I just asked him to go and have a big smack. If a guy like that bats well, that's it. Cricket is a funny old game. We need to take every game seriously. T20 is a funny game.

Shahid Afridi: I wasn't expecting a result like this. We have some good cricketers as well. It was his (Russell) show today. We all know he is a very big hitter. It was a chance that I took asking Amir to bowl again because it was tough for the spinners thanks to the wet ball. Credit to Russell.

00:04 Local Time, 18:34 GMT, 00:04 IST: Galle have been Russelled! They have been annihilated. The 19-ball knock just killed it off. He came he saw he conquered. And once that happened. The chase never had any momentum. It was only a matter of five overs of formality because of the mountain of runs that Galle had to chase. Even Afridi's pyrotechnics failed. They never ever threatened to chase it down.

GGD: 62-2 after 5 overs

4.6 Qais Ahmad to Azam Khan, SIX, flogged across the line for a sixer! That was a length delivery and smoked away across the line for a sixer. That is it. Reduces the margin of defeat by little. Galle have lost this by 34 runs

4.5 Qais Ahmad to Azam Khan, FOUR, heaved away down to long-off. The fielder back-tracked and never could reach it. Went over him despite him going back. Landed just inside for a four

4.4 Qais Ahmad to Azam Khan, no run, goes for the sweep and misses. Was going down and Azam Khan survives

Azam Khan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

4.3 Qais Ahmad to Afridi, out Caught by Priyanjan!! Sliced away and taken by the man at short third. That was a flatter delivery outside off, Afridi went for the slog and ended up slicing it. The man at short third ended up taking an easy catch. Very easily done. Afridi c Priyanjan b Qais Ahmad 12(6) [4s-3]

Qais Ahmad to Afridi, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

4.2 Qais Ahmad to Afridi, no run, tossed up delivery and Afridi goes for the slog sweep and misses

4.1 Qais Ahmad to Gunathilaka, 1 run, shortish delivery and has been pulled down to deep square for a single

Qais Ahmad, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

46 off 6 ain't going to happen.

GGD: 51-1 after 4 overs

3.6 Udana to Afridi, FOUR, and swung away on to the on-side for a four. That was heaved across the line

3.5 Udana to Afridi, FOUR, square of the wicket as that was sliced away through deep point for a four

3.4 Udana to Afridi, no run, fuller delivery, that swung a bit! Afridi went for the swing and misses

3.3 Udana to Afridi, FOUR, fuller delivery outside off and has been squirted away between point and short third man for a four. Was done really well

3.3 Udana to Afridi, wide, too wide, Afridi throws his bat at it and misses. Wided