Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes, 5th Match

Hobart Hurricanes won by 11 runs

HBH - 174/5 (20)
ADS - 163/9 (20)

CRR:  8.15

Player of the Match


17:28 Local Time, 06:28 GMT, 11:58 IST: Hurricanes register their second win of the season and move to the number second place in the points table. They've got four points which also includes the Bash Boost point. Electing to bowl first didn't really work in Adelaide's favour. The last wicket partnership between Worrall and Briggs did give the Hurricanes a scare, but the Hurricanes were always ahead. Worrall's fifty was the biggest positive for the Strikers today. Short and Faulkner were the main contributors in Hobart's win. Short scored a fantastic fifty, while Faulkner claimed three wickets. D 'Arcy Short is the Man of the Match. It's a Sunday, so we've got a double header as Sydney Sixers take on the Melbourne Renegades later. Do join us for the coverage of that contest. For now, that's all from our side. See you!

ADS: 163-9 after 20 overs

19.6 Boland to Worrall, no run, what an anti-climax! Worrall moves away and has a swing, gets beaten all ends up. Dot to end the match as Hobart Hurricanes win by 11 runs

19.5 Boland to Worrall, 2 runs, flicks this one towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs

19.4 Boland to Worrall, no run, that shall seal the deal for Hurricanes. Boland nails the yorker and Worrall can't do much about it. Drilled back to the bowler by him

19.3 Boland to Worrall, 2 runs, mistimes his heave to long-on, challenges the fielder's arm and comes back for two

19.2 Boland to Briggs, 1 run, full and wide outside off, Briggs reaches out for it and square drives it to deep point, only one though

19.1 Boland to Worrall, 1 run, yorker on leg and Worrall digs it into the leg side for one, excellent ball that

Scott Boland [3.0-0-33-0] is back into the attack

Much closer than we anticipated!

ADS: 157-9 after 19 overs

18.6 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, 1 run, Strikes need 18 runs in 6 balls. Was a full toss that Worrall slapped to long-off for a single

18.5 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, FOUR, smashed through covers! Overpitched delivery by Nathan Ellis and it has been crunched through covers by Worrall. 19 required now

18.4 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, no run, yorker outside off, Worrall gets beaten as he tries to squeeze it

18.3 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, no run, touch fulller outside off, Worrall goes for a flashy drive

18.3 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, wide, 50-run stand up as Nathan Ellis bowls a wide one outside off

18.2 Nathan Ellis to Briggs, 1 run, pats this one into the off side for only a single

18.1 Nathan Ellis to Worrall, 1 run, low full toss outside off, Worrall drives it through covers for one

ADS: 149-9 after 18 overs

17.6 D Arcy Short to Briggs, 2 runs, darted on middle and leg, Briggs knocks it towards long-on and takes a couple of runs to end the over. Proving to be a dangerous partnership this as Strikers need 26 in the last 2 overs

17.5 D Arcy Short to Briggs, SIX, game on! Loopy delivery around off and Briggs slogsweeps this one over deep mid-wicket for six more! 28 need now!

17.4 D Arcy Short to Briggs, FOUR, and once again! The loopy delivery outside off and Briggs nails the reverse sweep to get four more

17.3 D Arcy Short to Briggs, FOUR, Briggs premeditates and reverse sweeps the tossed up delivery past the man at short third man