Melbourne Stars vs Brisbane Heat, 2nd Match

Melbourne Stars won by 6 wkts

BRH - 125 (19.5)
MLS - 129/4 (17.1)

CRR:  7.51

Player of the Match


Close time. That's all we have for you from what's been quite an undercooked game, but until tomorrow, and hopefully more drama, on behalf of all of us, ta ta!!

Nathan Coulter-Nile | MoM (3.5-0-10-4, two run-outs): It was nice to win, though I was a little nervous when we start batting, and I was surprised we chose to bowl. It wasn't a 124 wicket but it was harder to score than we thought, I had no idea what the plans were, just did what I was told. Nice to get the points, any points but especially the bonus point for being ahead.

22:16 Local Time, 11:16 GMT, 16:46 IST: This was rather emphatic. It tells you a story when the Stars haven't even needed to use their Power Surge in chasing this down. They had a slight scare at the start, losing three wickets for not much, but just when it looked like it was building towards some sort of a low-scoring thriller, Maxwell came out, smashed them around for fun, and killed all hopes. Cartwright provided a solid anchor at the other end, adding some stability and making sure nothing silly happened. Brisbane's bowlers were all over the place, their spinners were too short and the fast bowlers didn't really have much to play around with. But 125 was never going to challenge, and yes, it didn't. Stick around, we'll bring you the presentations.

17.1 Milenko to Larkin, FOUR, absolute short sitter. Larkin pulls, nails the mid-wicket gap, and the Stars are off in some style and some sheer ease ..

Simon Milenko, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

MLS: 125-4 after 17 overs

16.6 Daniel Lawrence to Larkin, 1 run, scores level, courtesy this polite push past extra cover

16.5 Daniel Lawrence to Larkin, no run, looks to flick it softly through the on-side, but only gets an inside-edge onto himself

16.4 Daniel Lawrence to Larkin, no run, fired flat, almost a wide yorker, Larkin leaves in the hope of a wide, but no, it's not

16.3 Daniel Lawrence to Larkin, no run, tries a cute late cut, but is a little too late

16.2 Daniel Lawrence to Larkin, SIX, half-tracker .. and Larkin goes completely deep in his crease to smash this over cow corner

16.1 Daniel Lawrence to Cartwright, 1 run, angling across, and helped with a stab through point

Daniel Lawrence [1.0-0-8-0] is back into the attack

It's down to single digits now. 9 runs | 24 balls

MLS: 117-4 after 16 overs

15.6 Laughlin to Cartwright, 1 run, full, outside off, sliced away to deep extra cover

15.5 Laughlin to Larkin, 1 run, crouches, lines up beside and dabs it down to third man

15.5 Laughlin to Larkin, wide, the yorker goes down leg, slight in-drift, and past the flick

15.4 Laughlin to Larkin, no run, another slower one, on off, and blocked out down the pitch

15.3 Laughlin to Larkin, no run, floaty wide away-swinger, quietly steered away to point

15.2 Laughlin to Cartwright, 1 run, short, sitting up with width outside off, carved away to sweeper

15.1 Laughlin to Larkin, 1 run, angling into middle and leg, Larkin clips it softly round the corner