England vs Pakistan, 2nd Test

Match drawn

PAK - 236
ENG - 110/4 d (43.1)

CRR:  2.55

Player of the Match


So, what did the teams gain from this game? Well, 13 WTC points and that's handy indeed. But for the viewers, this game was definitely a frustrating experience. Anyways, it's 1-0 to England with the final Test to be played at this very venue from Friday onwards. Let's hope for better weather for that encounter. On that note, this is Hari Sadanandan signing off on behalf of my mates Abhinand RaghavendranAkshay MaanayMukesh and Nikhil Jadhav. Ta ta!

Mohammad Rizwan, Player of the Match: It's sad that the game got disrupted by the weather. The way it was shaping up, it could have been a cracker of a game if we got a full game. I really worked hard and I'm glad to reap the success. It's always been difficult to keep in England, I have heard about it and this was my first experience in these conditions. I have worked extra to ensure that I can adjust. Looking forward to the final Test match and hope we can have a good game of cricket.

Joe Root: Really sad about this week. Disappointed not to get much cricket. I thought he (Crawley) played really well. We spoke today about being professional and this is a young top order. Need to ensure that we can execute on such difficult conditions. In England, we may need to start early to make up time. Certainly something to look at I suppose. Definitely a week of strange circumstances as this doesn't happen often. I'm sure the groundstaff worked really hard to ensure that we got some play today. I think there is a time and place for it. Whether you're about swapping a pink ball at some point or to get it in totality. Yes, all the guys are fit and available for selection. Good to have a lot of choices to pick from. We'll stay here. We have two days practice and make the most of that. Huge game ahead. Need to finish the Test summer on a high.

Azhar Ali: It's been frustrating for both teams. The conditions were good for bowling throughout. We would have had a competitive Test match, but the weather was the winner in the end. Whoever went in (to bat), fought really hard. English attack is brilliant of course but our guys kept fighting. Need luck to survive on this pitch. I felt good as my balance wasn't really good in the last two innings. Felt confident this time but couldn't convert it. The best thing out of this Test match is that we didn't have to bowl a lot and hopefully, everyone is fit and ready for the next game.

After the thriller that Manchester was, Southampton turned out to be a no-show. When a game has seen less than 150 overs bowled in totality, I suppose there isn't a need to explain how it panned out. Pakistan braved the English conditions by opting to bat first once more and ended up getting to a decent total thanks to fifties from Mohammad Rizwan and Abid Ali, the former shepherding the tail in brilliant fashion. However, rain and bad light then came into the picture eating up considerable time. No cricket was possible on the third day and hardly much happened on day four too. We did get a shade over 36 overs today but honestly, there was no point. Pakistan will be pleased with the way the trio of Shaheen-Abbas-Yasir bowled while England's bright spot was Crawley's half-century.

18:08 Local Time, 17:08 GMT, 22:38 IST: England have declared and handshakes being spotted too between Root and Azhar Ali, both of whom are spotted to be in a really jovial mood. So, is that it? Has to be. Match drawn. Not that we expected anything different with the amount of time lost.

43.1 Azhar Ali to Buttler, no run, full and swinging away outside off, Buttler tries to defend but gets beaten due to the away movement

Azhar Ali, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

Keshav Gupta: I feel Pakistanis are overusing Abbas here. Even if he is getting wickets doesn't mean that they should stick to him given that this match is heading towards a draw.

ENG: 110-4 after 43 overs

42.6 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, slightly short and it bounces a bit too, Root was shaping for the cut and had to make the adjustment to dab this towards gully

42.5 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, flatter once more, fuller on off and Root leans into the front foot defence

42.4 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, floated up again wider outside off, Root drives firmly to short cover

Sai: How many overs are remaining? - 3 more after this one

42.3 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, fuller and outside off, Root jams it out off the front foot towards cover

42.2 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, fuller and slower this time, Root gets a good stride forward to defend

42.1 Yasir Shah to Root, no run, sliding in from around off, Root stays back and defends it out

ENG: 110-4 after 42 overs

41.6 Abbas to Buttler, no run, full and angling into Buttler who reaches out to defend softly towards the off-side

41.5 Abbas to Buttler, no run, back of a length closer to the off pole, Buttler stays back and doesn't offer a shot

Pradeesh Reddy: Root is taking a step ahead to bat against Abbas so that he can reduce the movement.Rather than that he should take one step back so that he can play late and probably by that time ball would have swung.He will get a fraction of second to counter the movement

41.4 Abbas to Buttler, no run, another appeal that dies down instantly. A tad high and Buttler survives. Got stuck on the crease to this nip-backer and was pinged on the back pad. Needs to be a bit more decisive in his footwork, Buttler

41.3 Abbas to Buttler, no run, fuller and straighter, Buttler defends with a straight bat towards the leg-side

Forward short leg moves to short mid-wicket now. More of the stump-to-stump line then.

41.2 Abbas to Root, 3 runs, Abbas now strives for something extra but dishes out a half-volley on the pads, Root will milk those every day of the week. Flicked away neatly through mid-wicket