Crickbuzz Live Score: Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI Ball By Ball Commentary - Crictable

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI

Bangladesh won by 4 runs

BAN - 322/8 (50)
ZIM - 318/8 (50)

CRR: 6.36

Player of the Match


Bangladesh 2-0 Zimbabwe | 21:11 Local match time | 20:41 IST: I was not ready for that. Were you? I doubt it! Even when Tiripano hammered those sixes first up, it was hard to imagine that he could have sustained it for the next five overs. And that Bangladesh will start losing its lengths. This really was one for the ages, as I, Rishi Roy , sign off from the Today livescore studio alongside Varun Dixit, Abhinand Raghavendran , and Naga . Onwards and upwards!


Tamim Iqbal | Man of the Match: The best part was that I think a lot of credit goes to the team management for believing in me. I was batting well in the Tests and I thought a big innings is on the way. I thought in the second half it played better, as opposed to being up and down a little in the first innings. I also go a bit lucky today, getting a few on my pads and some early boundaries and then I just tried to play straight, and of course, Mushy's fluent batting helped. The young ones like Liton and Shanto and Mahmudullah are batting really well. Sometimes you need these kind of games, where the opposition runs us very close.

Mashrafe Mortaza | Bangladesh captain: A win is a win, but it was a close game. We held our nerve well in the end, especially Al Amin at the death. Tamim has been a special player, even if he hasn't been scoring runs. The dressing room is so relaxed when he is batting and the seniors batted well, including Mushy. After this match the bowling will face some heat, but it was a good batting wicket with dew; the bowlers had a mighty time, but I think it was okay. Winning tight games gives a lot of valuable experience.

Sean Williams | Zimbabwe captain: Coming from the first game and almost winning this is awesome. We take a lot of positives going forward. THe young guys almost winning us this game is huge, and it's match time for the seniors to step up for us to cross the line. Raza has played a crucial role and Wesley is a great find for Zimbabwe cricket. Donald was remarkable, he's very disappointed as is everyone else, and Donald should hold his head high and walk back with a smile on his face. We have had injury issues, but teammates are always there for each other and I am extremely proud of them.


20:53 Local Time, 20:23 IST: I'm spellbound. It's a good thing this is text commentary, since it's kinda hard to talk with your jaw on the floor. They needed 77 off 30, they got 72 of them! Tiripano, take a bow, and hold that chin up, my man! This was an unreal effort. It looked like it will just last a few balls, and Zimababwe, despite the multiple fifties, required a hundred. They were done and dusted after Raza's wicket for 66, but out came Tiripano, all guns blazing and getting it down to the final ball, squeezing every last ounce of ability and accuracy from the Bangladesh death bowlers before giving in. Presentations coming right up...

ZIM: 318-8 after 50 overs

49.6 Al-Amin to Tiripano, 1 run, heartbreak for Zimbabwe! Gutwrenching, nails-over-the-chalkboard stuff! A wide half-volley that's slapped away flat to long-off for a single. A four-run win for Bangladesh , as a thriller comes to an end. Bangladesh win 3-ODI series, 2-0 , but not before Zimbabwe almost leveled things for a TGIF encounter...

6 off 1. COULD it be? Bangladesh having a conference out there. It's come down to this. This is what we live for...

49.5 Al-Amin to Tiripano, no run, short ball, Tiripano can't get under the hook - that's in fact over head high, and Al Amin has gotten away with a wide! 6 to win off 1!

6 off 2. Can they pull it off?

49.4 Al-Amin to Tiripano, 6 , it's a six, and it's a fifty for Tiripano - off 26 BALLS! That's another length ball that's crunched over the long-on fence for six! He's absolutely smoking these! Are you kidding me? What have you smoked Mr. Tiripano! 6 off two! Bangladesh sweating profusely now! They're losing fluids, and they know this could well be the ball that decides it!

12 off 3 required . Bangladesh feeling the heat.

49.3 Al-Amin to Tiripano, 6 , the timing of the shot and the timing on the shot, both exquisite! Charges down to the length ball and laces that straight into the sightscreen for six!

Carl Mumba, right handed bat, comes to the crease

They've crossed over, haven't they? Yes! Tiripano on strike!

49.2 Al-Amin to Mutombodzi, out Caught by Liton Das! He's out! It was a clean strike but simply didn't get the elevation required! Falls short of the yorker, Mutombodzi walks at it and crunches this straight down the throat of Liton who gobbles it up, cool as a cucumber. Advantage Bangladesh, still! Mutombodzi c Liton Das b Al-Amin 34(21) [4s-5]

Al-Amin to Mutombodzi, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

49.2 Al-Amin to Mutombodzi, wide , short, waaaaay too short, and well over the head says the umpire at square leg - wide called! 18 off 5 now...

49.1 Al-Amin to Tiripano, 1 run, clubs a slower length ball to long-on for just a single! Advantage Bangladesh! Zimbabwe need to clear the fence!