ZIM vs SL, Harare

Sri Lanka won by 10 wkts

SL - 14/0 & 515/9
ZIM - 170 & 358

The result was not kind for Zimbabwe but they should definitely be proud of their effort. They made sure Sri Lanka had to fight hard for every possible inch as they dragged the match right into the final hour of final day. They couldn't finish off the match with a favourable result but they must understand that they are a young side and it will take time for the things to materialize. As of now, they can be positive and trust the process. On that note, this is Varun Dixit signing off on behalf of Raju Peethala and Sreenivas. Goodbye and take care.

Dimuth Karunaratne, Sri Lanka captain: We put a huge score in the first innings and bowlers did a good job today. We knew we had an advantage and we kept the pressure. Embuldeniya was really good in the first innings and all the three seamers bowled well. Mathews converted the start into a big score, other batsmen should also try to do that.

Sean Williams, Zimbabwe captain: The guys have tried hard and all in all, its been enjoyable. 450 was crucial for us in the first innings and the wicket got quite difficult to play on. Looking forward to next Test and lots of positives for us. The spinners need to be more disciplined and obviously there wasn't much spin on offer but credit to them. The young guys have done well and the amount of workload the guys have taken on and moving into the next Test, its about batting for longer periods and making the right decisions.

Angelo Mathews, Player of the Match: Obviously a nice track to bat on and I'm glad to get the double hundred. I worked a lot on my fitness and I'm feeling good at the moment. It was really important once I got the start and the wicket was a tad slow and the Zimbabwe bowlers gave nothing away and it was quite difficult to score off them. The plan was to try and bat as long and we didn't want to bat in the second innings and so I had to make sure I had to get as many as I can.

16:39 Local Time, 14:39 GMT, 20:09 IST: This Test match for the most part moved at a snail's pace but in the end, it reached its conclusion right in the final hour. Sri Lanka found a hero for every innings. It was Lasith Embuldeniya in the first with a five-wicket-haul, Angelo Mathews in the second with a double ton and Suranga Lakmal in the third with a brilliant spell this morning that opened up the game for his side. But they still required the extra pace of Lahiru Kumara in the final session of the match to get rid of the stubborn lower order of Zimbabwe.Regis Chakabva in particular was not ready to throw in the towel right till the end, he fought valiantly, played 142 balls but that didn't prove to be enough. Sri Lanka were left with 14 runs to get and they completed the formality in a professional manner. Hang around for the presentation.

2.6 Tiripano to Karunaratne, 1 run, that's it. Skipper, Karunaratne scores the winning run and Sri Lanka win by 10 wickets! Karunaratne drives it handsomely, the outfield has been sluggish throughout the game and it stopped just inside the fence. Karunaratne completed the single and completed the victory as well

2.5 Tiripano to Karunaratne, no run, this was bowled on a good length, it keeps a touch low and Karunaratne had to crouch low to deal with it. It clips the lower half of the bat and ends up at short mid-wicket

2.4 Tiripano to Karunaratne, 2 runs, it was angled into Karunaratne and he flicks it past mid-wicket and comes back for a brace. Scores are level now!

2.3 Tiripano to Karunaratne, no run, on a fuller length and on the stumps, Karunaratne gets behind that delivery and defends it back to the bowler

2.2 Tiripano to Karunaratne, no run, on a fuller length and on the stumps, Karunaratne pushes it away to mid-on

2.1 Tiripano to Oshada Fernando, 1 run, this was angled back into Oshada Fernando and he tucks it away to fine leg

1.6 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, no run, on a good length and on the stumps, Karunaratne tucks it away to the on-side

1.5 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, FOUR, you need to time your shots pretty well to get a boundary on this outfield and Karunaratne did that on this occassion. It was angled back into Karunaratne and he whips it off the pads. It beats the man at mid-wicket and races away to the fence

1.4 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, no run, Karunaratne was late on the pull on that shot ball and he ends up missing it

1.3 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, no run, it was angled away from Karunaratne and there was a bit of movement away from the left-hander. He wanted to steer it wide of gully but gets defeated by the movement and it goes past the outside edge

1.2 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, 2 runs, just a hint of width and that is good enough for Karunaratne to punch it away. He will come back for a double

1.1 Victor Nyauchi to Karunaratne, no run, on a length and around off, Karunaratne defends it back

Victor Nyauchi, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

0.6 Tiripano to Oshada Fernando, no run, on a good length and wide of off, Oshada Fernando leaves and allows it to go through to the keeper

0.5 Tiripano to Oshada Fernando, no run, on a good length and wide of off, Oshada Fernando leaves it alone