Ind U19 vs JPNU19, Bloemfontein

India U19 won by 10 wkts

Ind U19 - 42/0 (4.5 Ovs)
Japan U19 - 41 (22.5 Ovs)

India are sitting prettily at the top of Group A with four points and an excellent NRR of 3.7. They are virtually into the quarterfinals. Meanwhile a lovely moment - the players from both teams pose together for the photographs. That's all we've got from this one-sided encounter. The next televised game is the Group B clash between Australia and England on Thursday. Do tune in for that. Until then, goodbye..

Priyam Garg | India captain: Very happy with the performance. The spinners were good, but the lines and lengths could have been better from the pacers. There's no pressure as such. We want to do well, we take every game as it comes.

Marcus Thurgate | Japan captain: I knew it was going to be a really tough game. We didn't do our best, specially with the batting. We could have done better. We learnt a lot. We can go to Japan and say that we've played against some of the big guys. We'll take a lot of positives from this game. We need to learn from our mistakes and keep getting better.

Ravi Bishnoi, Man of the match: I am really happy, it is my first Man of the Match award for my country and I am very excited. Planning was pretty clear and I executed well. I will continue with this performance in the upcoming matches too.

12:40 Local Time, 10:40 GMT, 16:10 IST: A complete mismatch! But, it was on the cards as a team that's playing its first-ever ICC event had to lock horns against a dominant cricketing nation. Everything went perfect for the defending champions right from the toss. The combination of pace and spin was too hot to handle for Japan and they were bundled out for the joint second lowest score in U19 World Cups. In reply, the Indian openers didn't break a sweat as they chased it down with 271 balls to spare. 34 of the 42 runs came in boundaries - 7 fours and a six.

4.5 Ashley Thurgate to Kumar Kushagra, 1 run, tossed up outside off, Kushagra gets forward and drives neatly through extra cover. India win by 10 wickets

4.4 Ashley Thurgate to Kumar Kushagra, 2 runs, loads of flight, Kushagra clips it through the gap between mid-on and mid-wicket. Scores level

4.3 Ashley Thurgate to Kumar Kushagra, no run, tossed up delivery, a shuffling Kushagra blocks off the splice

4.2 Ashley Thurgate to Kumar Kushagra, no run, tucked to mid-wicket

4.1 Ashley Thurgate to Kumar Kushagra, FOUR, half-tracker, down leg and Kushagra takes full toll of it. The right-hander swivels and pulls fiercely through backward square leg

Ashley Thurgate, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

3.6 Kento Ota Dobell to Yashasvi Jaiswal, no run, length ball outside off, dabbed to short third man

3.5 Kento Ota Dobell to Kumar Kushagra, 1 run, pitched up delivery, curls away a bit and Kushagra drives it in the direction of the swing. A single to deep cover

3.4 Kento Ota Dobell to Yashasvi Jaiswal, 1 run, straighter line, worked through square leg

3.3 Kento Ota Dobell to Yashasvi Jaiswal, no run, this one holds onto the pitch a bit and Jaiswal mistimes the clip towards mid-wicket

3.2 Kento Ota Dobell to Yashasvi Jaiswal, FOUR, back of a length delivery, Jaiswal waits for the ball, stands tall and dabs it to the right of backward point. The placement was spot-on. The key was he played late

The keeper is up to the sticks

3.1 Kento Ota Dobell to Yashasvi Jaiswal, FOUR, pitched up delivery on middle and off, Jaiswal meets it with a straight bat. Got it off the sweet spot and the ball runs away to the fence. A superb straight drive!

2.6 Yugandhar Retharekar to Yashasvi Jaiswal, 1 run, full on the stumps, eased down to long-on and Jaiswal will keep the strike. 15 runs off the over

2.5 Yugandhar Retharekar to Yashasvi Jaiswal, FOUR, four more! Fullish ball outside off, Jaiswal gets down on a knee and flogs it over wide mid-on