Maratha Arabians vs Qalandars, Qualifier 1

Maratha Arabians won by 7 runs

MA - 119/6 (10)
QLD - 112/4 (10)

CRR:  11.20
Amjad Gul*0(0)000
Laurie Evans35(17)22205.88
Dwayne Bravo*20291
Dasun Shanaka20340
Partnership: 20(6)
Last wkt: Tom Kohler-Cadmore run out (McClenaghan/Walton) 17(11) - 92/4 in 9.0 ov.
Recent balls: ... | 1 2 1 6 4 W1 | 2 6 2 6 4 0

Quick, hop tabs as we line up the first eliminator for you. And until see you there, and the Qalandars know who they're facing in a few hours from now, ta ta!!

DJ Bravo | Winning skipper: Momentum is very important in a tournament like this. The amount of experience in my teams helps me with tactics. Shiraz keeps going from strength to strength and we keep telling him that the more yorkers he executes, the better it is for him. Even though it is a T10 game, it takes a lot out of you. May the best team win and we look forward to our next opponent.

Chris Lynn | MoM: I think the key is to start again. I have been working on my starts and that's been paying off. We call Lyth the surprise package and it is good to be batting with a left-hander.

17:26 Local Time, 13:26 GMT, 18:56 IST: And the Qalandars will have to come back tonight. The Arabians can enjoy their break, and it's a well deserved one too. Laurie Evans tried his best to make things interesting towards the end with a few lusty blows, but the damage was done in the middle overs with some very tight overs squeezed in to kill this run chase. Ronchi started off well, Salt carried it on from there, but 120 proved to be a little too much in the end. Malinga was top-notch as usual, but the real stand out was Shiraz, who's enhancing his reputation by the match. Stay on, the presentations will be up soon ..

QLD: 112-4 after 10 overs

9.6 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, no run, the Marathas are through. Shanaka produces a skiddy in-nipper, past Evans' slog to smash into the thighs

9.5 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, FOUR, smashes it straight down the ground, but, one, two, three bounces in .. and that should book the Warriors a direct entry for tomorrow

9.4 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, SIX, oh he's slipped terribly, but even the one-handed outside edge is good enough to keep things alive here. Evans reaches out to a widish delivery, and slices it somehow over third man

Fine, three balls, three sixes?

9.3 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, 2 runs, length, right in the slot once again, but Evans doesn't find the middle here, only dragging it to long-on

9.2 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, SIX, picks it off his legs really well, opening up his stance and carting it away over cow corner

9.1 Shanaka to Laurie Evans, 2 runs, perfect yorker, Evans can only manage to squeeze it straight down the ground

Dasun Shanaka [1.0-0-14-0] is back into the attack

Amjad Gul, right handed bat, comes to the crease

The equation: 28 runs off 6 balls.

QLD: 92-4 after 9 overs

8.6 Dwayne Bravo to Kohler-Cadmore, out Kohler-Cadmore Run Out!! 1 run completed. Trouble. Kohler-Cadmore drills this through poinr, and is desperate to get back for the second. But the throw from the deep's flat, accurately on top of the stumps, and the keeper doesn't mess up either. Kohler-Cadmore run out (McClenaghan/Walton) 17(11) [4s-1 6s-1]

Dwayne Bravo to Kohler-Cadmore, THATS OUT!! Run Out!!

8.5 Dwayne Bravo to Kohler-Cadmore, FOUR, misses another yorker, slips onto the legs once again, whipped away gleefully round the corner

8.4 Dwayne Bravo to Kohler-Cadmore, SIX, neat. And that'll keep the Qalandars live. Stays crouched, gets under the full toss and shovels it with lots and lots of bottom hand, straight into the sightscreen

8.3 Dwayne Bravo to Laurie Evans, 1 run, falls over flat on his haunches as he looks to scoop this one away .. softly off the inside edge into square leg in the end

8.2 Dwayne Bravo to Laurie Evans, 2 runs, low pad-high full toss. Evans' early walk across his stumps makes it into more of a leg-line and he whips it through mid-wicket