Andhra vs Vidarbha, Round 1, Elite Group A and B

Match drawn

VID - 441
AP - 211 & 314/3 (103.4)

CRR:  3.03
Srikar Bharat*102(208)13249.04
Ricky Bhui100(209)13147.85
Sanjay Raghunath*2.40240
Mohit Kale1090
Partnership: 188(345)
Last wkt: CR Gnaneshwar b Rajneesh Gurbani 61(140) - 126/3 in 46.1 ov.
Recent balls: ... 0 1 | 1 4 0 0 4 0 | 0 0 1 1

Ganesh Satish has been adjudged Man of the Match for prolific knock of 237. That brings an end to our coverage of this Ranji contest. Switch tabs and follow the action of other ongoing matches. Goodbye for now!

14:54 Local Time, 09:24 GMT, 14:54 IST: That's that. Both batsmen have notched up their respective centuries and the players have decided to shake hands. Ricky signals to the dressing room and the Andhra skipper thinks it's enough. Vidarbha after gaining a healthy lead of 230 on the back of Satish's century would have anticipated their bowlers to bowl out the opposition, but first it was the gritty knock by Gnanaeshwar that lead Andhra's fightback, and then it were the two youngsters - Ricky Bhui and Srikar Bharat who made the bowlers toil. Both of them hardly took any time to get going after tea and the match has ended in a draw. Vidarbha get 3 points as they managed to gain a first innings lead, whereas Andhra get 1 point.

103.4 Sanjay Raghunath to Bhui, 1 run, now Bhui takes away the limelight from his partner. Hundred for Bhui! No real celebration from him though. Raises his bat and soaks in all the applause from the dressing room. It was a length delivery from Raghunath, wristily flicked to long-on and scales the milestone

103.3 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, 1 run, flatter just outside off, Bharat milks a single to long-on and gives the strrike back to Bhui

103.2 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, no run, leans across and pushes it to extra cover

103.1 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, no run, slow and threatens to kick off, Bharat employs his soft hands to smother it

AP: 312-3 after 103 overs

102.6 Mohit Kale to Bhui, no run, fired in, jammed out by Bhui

102.5 Mohit Kale to Bhui, FOUR, manouevres himself into such a good position to play the cut. Balance back and uses the pace to glide it past short third man. Onto 99

102.4 Mohit Kale to Bhui, no run, slinger from Kale, round-armish darter. Bhui blunts it into the leg-side

102.3 Mohit Kale to Bhui, no run, Kale goes round the stumps and angles it outside off, Bhui leaves it

102.2 Mohit Kale to Bhui, FOUR, it's time for the Bhui show now. Flat and harmless length delivery just outside off, Bhui just gets on top of it and caresses it through extra cover

102.1 Mohit Kale to Srikar Bharat, 1 run, quicker just outside off, driven away to long-off

Mohit Kale, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

AP: 303-3 after 102 overs

101.6 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, 1 run, century for Bharat. Screams his lungs out and takes off his helmet. Thumps his chest and salutes his willow towards the dressing room. It's his ninth FC ton and what a time to get it. Great start to the season as well. Gets onto the back foot and punches it square on the off-side. His team-mates give a standing ovation

101.5 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, no run, presses forward and pushes it to cover

101.4 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, FOUR, gee! What hitting from Bharat. Similar delivery, similar shot and similar result. Bharat goes down like a sack of potatoes and smokes it over mid-wicket to get to 99

101.3 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, FOUR, Bharat is in a hurry to score his century. Floater just outside off, Bharat moves across and swipes it over square leg

101.2 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, SIX, wow! This has come out of nowhere. Flighted just outside off, Bharat gets low and across to heave it over cow corner

101.1 Sanjay Raghunath to Srikar Bharat, no run, gets it up just outside off, Bharat quells it off the front foot

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