NMBG vs DH, Port Elizabeth

Nelson Mandela Bay Giants won by 5 wkts

Nelson Mandela Bay Giants - 163/5 (19.5 Ovs)
Durban Heat - 160/5 (20 Ovs)

That's it from us today. The action continues tomorrow with two games in store, do join us back for that. Goodbye for now.

JJ Smuts | winning captain: We had an exciting game. But Morris and Kuhn played exceptionally. Luck didn't go our way with the ball in the last few overs. He's one of the best in the world for a reason. The team is very confident, we have played some really good cricket. It's going nice and hopefully I'll continue. It's nice to be in PE to play the Paarl Rocks and I am looking forward to it.

Jason Roy | MoM: I wasn't smiling half an hour go. They bowled really well at the start but the boys at the end were incredible. The last few overs didn't go our way with the ball. Pace off the ball is always tough here, credit to the boys. Last few games haven't gone my way, but today it feels good.

Dane Vilas | Losing captain: They played well and all their shots came good especially that reverse-hit from Kuhn. The way Davy and Ravi played was incredible for us. I thought the way Jason played, it was difficult for us. We were happy with the way we bowled but the execution in some parts weren't great. We need to win every game from here.

15:51 Local Time, 13:51 GMT, 19:21 IST: Durban Heat remain winless in the tournament. Relieved faces in the Giants' camp and Morris embraces Kuhn with a bear hug as they cherish this victory. Roy set the platform at the top for them with a cracking fifty but they lost their way after his dismissal. At one stage, it looked like Durban would seal their first victory in this year's MSL but some terrible bowling in the last three overs has cost them the game. Having said that, all credit to Kuhn and Morris, who took charge towards the end by putting up a 14-ball 33 partnership to help their team cross the finish line.

19.5 Siboto to Chris Morris, FOUR, another outside edge and another boundary to finish off things. Morris sports a beaming smile on his face and the home fans are going bonkers in the stands. Fuller length delivery just outside off, Morris swings his bat with hard hands and gets a profitable result

2 from 2.

19.4 Siboto to Chris Morris, FOUR, streaky edge but this is a match-winning boundary for sure for the Giants. Very full and it's becoming predictable from Siboto. Morris throws the kitchen sink and the outside edge flies through the vacant slip cordon en route to the third man fence

19.4 Siboto to Chris Morris, wide, Siboto is not happy with the umpire calling this wide. He's gesturing to the umpire that Morris moved across his stumps but I guess it was way outside the off

19.3 Siboto to Heino Kuhn, 1 run, dipping yorker just outside off, jammed to the left of the bowler and they sneak through for a single

Booes ring around the ground as Siboto aborts it just when he was about to deliver. 8 from 4 now.

19.2 Siboto to Chris Morris, 1 run, slower delivery just outside off, heaved off the cue-end to long-on

9 from 5 now.

19.1 Siboto to Chris Morris, SIX, biffed straight the ground and it's a SIXXXXXX. The Giants are right back in this contest. Fullish and just outside off, Morris flexes his arms and sends it away for a maximum

19.1 Siboto to Chris Morris, wide, pressure on Siboto. Bowls a full delivery very wide of off and it's called a wide

16 required off the final over. We are set for a thrilling climax.

18.6 Kyle Abbott to Heino Kuhn, SIX, oh my word! This is incredible from Kuhn. Full and at the stumps, Kuhn disdainfully reverse-sweeps it over short third man and it's gone all the way

18.5 Kyle Abbott to Chris Morris, 1 run, dipping low full toss, Morris drags it to deep mid-wicket

18.4 Kyle Abbott to Chris Morris, no run, fuller and just outside off, Morris wants to slog-sweep it out of the park but fails to make any connection

18.3 Kyle Abbott to Chris Morris, FOUR, oh dear. A costly misfield at this stage of the game, absolutely criminal. Slotted to deep square leg, the fielder overruns and couldn't get his body behind the line, lets it through to the boundary