PR vs JS, Paarl

Paarl Rocks won by 4 wkts

Paarl Rocks - 133/6 (16.1 Ovs)
Jozi Stars - 129/3 (20 Ovs)

So today means Paarl stay alive; and that Jozi need a miracle to not be dead. And that's all we have for you from here. Until tomorrow with two more of these and some more clarity on the standings, ta ta!!

Faf du Plessis | Winning skipper: There was a call that we made to go for the bonus point when it was tight. When you get close like that you really want it. We were much better, we made a few mistakes with the ball in the last game. But the guys were exceptional today. Some of the dropped catches weren't ideal. Vince, once again for the second time in a row was exceptional. Pretorius was sent up the order to go for the target, and the message to him was to finish the game off quickly. Mosehle too was really good at the end. Very thankful for the crowd out there, they always come out in large numbers.

Dwaine Pretorius | MoM: I think we let ourselves down in the last game. Unfortunate to miss out on the bonus point by one ball. Really really cool crowd and is great to play in front of them. I am trying to take the game deep and I have a bit of freedom. James Vince has been phenomenal in the last few games; there are a few big players who aren't firing but I think we'll all peak at the right time.

Temba Bavuma | Losing skipper: Qualifiers are quite far; I don't think we should be thinking about that at the moment. What we are doing at the moment is just not ideal. The wicket was on the slower side, 160 looked a par score. 130 wasn't enough. We needed to take wickets to restrict them, the first six overs were good but the wicket got better and Vince played really well to take his team home.

20:36 Local Time, 18:36 GMT, 00:06 IST: It's been an easy seal this. And the Jozi Stars continue to remain winless, this time getting severely thumped. A defence of 129 is never easy, but they were comfortably outplayed here, first with Pretorius going hard at the top, and then with Vince and Mosehle smashing their way out of a dicey situation where they lost a couple of wickets in quick succession. They seemed well on course for the bonus point as well, which they missed by a ball eventually, but they'll be pleased with how clinical they were. It was the bating that let Jozi down though, with most of their batsmen taking their time but just not being able to kick on. Anyway, stick around, we'll bring you the presentations ..

16.1 Rabada to Udana, FOUR, a full-blooded smoke downtown, and Rabada feeding length at this stage makes matters easy as well. High, just short of the straight fence -- and Paarl have their non-bonus-point win

15.6 Olivier to Udana, 1 run, it's a tie on the bonus point. b2 nails the yorker, which Udana squeezes out to short mid-wicket and hurries across like crazy .. a direct hit from Bavuma (which should've been easy with three stumps to see) and he was easily a goner

Bjorn Fortuin, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Fine then, 2 runs | 1 ball

15.5 Olivier to James Vince, out Caught by Harmer !! Ah, thriller. Olivier takes pace off this full float up. Vince once again tries lofting it over extra cover, once again doesn't get under it cleanly and this time ends up picking out deep extra cover. James Vince c Harmer b Olivier 43(28) [4s-4 6s-1]

Olivier to James Vince, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Requirement for bonus point: 2 runs off 2 balls.

15.4 Olivier to James Vince, 2 runs, hacks it powerfully into mid-wicket, and Udana calls for the second, and then even dives in to beat the throw

15.3 Olivier to James Vince, 2 runs, it's a pitch up, Vince doesn't quite get under this but commits to his lofted drive - which is a proper miscue of a skier dropping where nobody is, at long-off

15.2 Olivier to James Vince, SIX, too short, too high and Vince fetches it from over his head to then pull it many rows over deep square leg

15.1 Olivier to Udana, 1 run, a bit short, wide and is stabbed away into the covers

Duanne Olivier [3.0-0-27-2] is back into the attack

14.6 Rabada to Udana, 1 run .. and Chris Gayle drops a sitter. Udana just can't control his charging-down-hook, top-edges, flies to third man - where Gayle just doesn't judge the dip, runs in too close and in fact never ever looked like holding on

Isuru Udana, right handed bat, comes to the crease

14.5 Rabada to Mosehle, out Caught&Bowled!! This HAD to happen. Rabada wasn't changing his length, Mosehle wasn't changing his approach. So it's a quick skiddy bouncer, it's been pulled and the top-edged splice is ballooning around short mid-wicket. Rabada calls, runs across, gathers. They're checking the no ball, but by the standards set in Gabba for Cummins, this one's clearly legal. But Rabada's first point of landing is really dicey here, but, but the third ump after a cool few minutes of checking decides to give the bowler the benefit of the doubt. Mosehle c and b Rabada 31(21) [4s-1 6s-2]