Ban vs Afg, Chattogram

Afghanistan won by 224 runs

Ban - 173 & 205
Afg - 260 & 342

Afghanistan came, they fought, they conquered. This is the same Bangladesh team that has beaten best of the Test playing nations at home, but Afghanistan have proved their mettle. They are known for taking giant strides in cricket and today they've added a new chapter in the record books. They need to take this confidence forward and reflect it in their performances in the upcoming T20I series. So, wasn't it worth the wait? Rain playing a major role on day 5, but Afghanistan have overcome all the hurdles and registered an emphatic win. Social media will soon be flooded with messages congratulating them. That's all we've got from our side. This was Nikhil (@IamNicck) bringing you the live coverage of this riveting Test match in the company of Raju Peethala, Abhinand Raghavendran and Shashikant Singh. Hasta la vista!

Rashid Khan, Man of the Match: We won this game against a side like Bangladesh. We are new to this format, so credit goes to the coaching staff for their support. Everyone applied themselves and stuck to their plans. Credit goes to the batsmen who batted so well in the first innings and the youngsters for the way they bowled. The youngsters are applying their plans and learning from their mistakes. The four-day structure back home is helping the players. We had the best preparation for this game and it was challenging for the batsmen, they applied themselves. The focus now shifts to the T20 series and we'll try our best to keep enjoying the format. Legend Nabi had his last game, he's helped us a lot and I thank him for his contribution to Afghanistan. I would like to dedicate this Man of the Match award to him.

Shakib Al Hasan: (Reasons for the defeat) It's a combination of both - lack of application from our batsmen and the way they bowled. They deserve this win. After playing for 20 years, we can't say it's a buildup process. It's been a while since we played our last Test match, but Afghanistan kept the pressure on us, credit goes to their hard work. We need to forget this match soon and look forward to the T20I series. They are a very good side in that format, so we need to focus on the series, keeping the T20 WC in focus.

>>Rashid Khan is the youngest captain in the history of Test cricket to record a maiden win in the format.
>>The Afghanistan skipper is also the first player to record a fifty and 10-plus wickets in his debut game as captain in Test cricket
>> Bangladesh become the first team to lose a Test against 10 different nations

Number of games to record 2 Test wins
3 Australia
3 Afghanistan**
4 England
9 Pakistan
12 West Indies
13 South Africa
20 Sri Lanka
30 India
31 Zimbabwe
55 New Zealand
60 Bangladesh

17:22 Local Time, 11:22 GMT, 16:52 IST: Mohammad Nabi gets a Guard of honour near the sidelines, not once, but twice. He had announced his retirement just a few days back and his team mates have given him a fitting farewell. What an incredible match though. Afghanistan not only had to fight Bangladesh, but they had to fight the rain gods too. And they have come out on top with flying colours! Having set an improbable target of 398, Bangladesh were in tatters after they lost four wickets in the post-lunch session yesterday. Afghanistan were marching towards a victory yesterday but the long rain intervention almost spoilt their party. Almost. Rahmat Shah and Asghar Afghan laid the foundation with their 120-run stand in the first innings and Rashid gave the finishing touch with a fluent fifty. With the ball too, he was the standout performer and led from front having claimed 11 wickets in the match. Incredible, indeed.

61.4 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, out Caught by Ibrahim Zadran!! Afghanistan have created history and it's their captain who's led from the front. 11 wickets in the match for Rashid Khan and he's pumped up. Just look at him and his celebrations. 5 wickets in the first innings, 6 wickets in this one, and he's got to be the man of the moment. Sarkar looks to defend this but ends up handing a straight forward catch to short leg. Right from the face of the bat and it's game over! Hand shakes all around and Rashid points the ball towards the camera near the sidelines. He has now 20 wickets in mere 3 Tests. Soumya Sarkar c Ibrahim Zadran b Rashid Khan 15(59) [4s-2]

Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

61.3 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, no run, steady in defence as he eases the tossed up delivery down the pitch

61.2 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, no run, slider by Rashid Khan, Soumya Sarkar inside edges this one on the boots, he was trying to work it through the on side

61.1 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, no run, short legbreak by Rashid Khan, Soumya Sarkar defends it

60.6 Zahir Khan to Nayeem, no run, tossed up delivery around off, Nayeem push-drives it to mid-off. Huge cheer by Bangladesh fans as the number 11 has negotiated the over

60.5 Zahir Khan to Nayeem, no run, harmless short ball by Zahir Khan, though it keeps low, Nayeem finds no trouble to block it out

60.4 Zahir Khan to Nayeem, no run, 85ks, wrong 'un outside off, Nayeem gets beaten on his poke once again

60.3 Zahir Khan to Nayeem, no run, googly in the channel outside off, Nayeem pokes at it and gets beaten

60.2 Zahir Khan to Soumya Sarkar, 1 run, squeezes this one through covers and takes a single. He didn't want to change ends, but he's too late in realizing it

60.1 Zahir Khan to Nayeem, 1 run, low full toss by Zahir Khan and it's been chipped uppishly past the bowler

Zahir Khan [14.0-0-57-3] is back into the attack

It has started drizzling again. Minimum of 5 overs to be bowled..

59.6 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, no run, shouts of 'catch it' but Sarkar is riding his luck, it seems. Didn't read the googly at all and got deceived as it spun the other way. Gets a leading edge as he closes the bat face early, and the ball lobs before it drops in front of mid-off

59.5 Rashid Khan to Soumya Sarkar, no run, slightly short and quick on leg, Soumya Sarkar was back in his crease to work this through the on side, but gets hit on the thigh pad as the ball balloons and drops in front of short leg