BLB vs BIJ, Bengaluru

Match tied (VJD method)

Bengaluru Blasters - 29/1 (5 Ovs)
Bijapur Bulls - 133/6 (20 Ovs)

We'll leave you with that then for now, and until tomorrow with another double-header, ta ta!!

Rongsen Jonathan, Bengaluru skipper: We were confident to chase down this score, but we can't do much against nature. But I'll take this result anyday. I have been interacting well with the boys and my form has been good too. Hope to be unbeaten this year as well.

Bharat Chipli, Man of the Match, Bijapur skipper: I felt we were 20 runs short. We didn't get the partnership going and I got out at the wrong time as well. Doddamani bowled really well, it was turning and he kept us guessing. We played a lot of dot balls as well and we need to improve on that. We thought we had the advantage when we got the in-form guy out and Cariappa had three overs left as well.

22:45 Local Time: Match tied, officially. The rains have refused to relent, and the umpires aren't waiting around any longer. This game had everything to turn into a thriller, but alas, in the five overs of the chase that we had, there was nothing at all to choose between the two teams. Stay on, the presentations are here ..

Just an FYI: In case the game doesn't start, at this point both teams will be tied on the VJD method.

21:54 Local Time: Nothing much to report from the ground, it's still drizzling, but given how light it is and how good the drainage here is, we should get going the very moment it stops.

21:33 Local Time: It's started to rain. Just when the five-over mark was ticked over, the covers come on. The good thing though is that it is a very light passing shower.

4.6 Cariappa to Sharath BR, no run, another cut, once agian straight to point

4.5 Cariappa to Nikin Jose, 1 run, skids low, but Jose does well to crouch and pull it away round the corner

4.4 Cariappa to Nikin Jose, no run, presses forward in a powerful push to cover

4.3 Cariappa to Sharath BR, 1 run, another hard chop, but point cuts it off

4.2 Cariappa to Sharath BR, no run, backs away and cuts it away with the turn to point

4.1 Cariappa to Sharath BR, SIX, loose leg-line. Sharath is quick to pounce on, sits and slogs it away all the way into fine leg

KC Cariappa, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

3.6 Prateek Jain to Nikin Jose, no run, kicks up off the deck with the angle. Stabbed away to point

3.5 Prateek Jain to Nikin Jose, no run, a jumpy defence back down the pitch

3.4 Prateek Jain to Sharath BR, 1 run, a hurried tuck getting inside the line, through mid-wicket

3.3 Prateek Jain to Sharath BR, FOUR, full, but another loose line outside off. Sharath presses forward, frees up his hands and slices it through point

3.3 Prateek Jain to Sharath BR, wide, a bit of swing, but ends up down leg

3.2 Prateek Jain to Sharath BR, FOUR, short, Sharath rides on the angle and carves it perfectly through point. Stays up tall, holds his pose and bisects