MW vs SML, Bengaluru

Shivamogga Lions won by 14 runs

Mysuru Warriors - 152 (19.2 Ovs)
Shivamogga Lions - 166/7 (20 Ovs)

That's it from this game. There's one more game coming up, switch tabs and catch all the action from that game. Goodbye!

Abhimanyu Mithun: Disappointed that we didn't capitalize with the bat towards the end. They were eight down, we know one wicket, the game is in our bag (Asked about what was running in his mind when Siddharth was going hammer and tongs).

Amit Verma: Wonderful batting from KV Siddharth. The way he's batting, he's been outstanding. Our batting didn't click today but we are hoping to improve. We need to bowl well in the Powerplay.

HS Sharath is the Player of the Match

Time for the presentations.

18:48 Local Time, 13:18 GMT, 18:48 IST: Well, it ran closer than we all thought, isn't it? Mysuru were in doldrums at one stage, losing wickets in clusters as Shivmogga's bowlers were on a roll. They were reduced to 98/7 but KV Siddharth was unfazed despite seeing the chaos at the other end. Kept backing himself and took the game till the end, injecting life into this contest. With 19 required off the final over, he scored a boundary off the first ball. But Pradeep came back well and executed his plans to devour Siddharth, who fell for 77.

19.2 Pradeep T to Siddharth, out Caught by Nihal Ullal!! There's the edge and there's the wicket. What a shame. Pradeep cannons the outside off-stump yorker, Siddharth had to go after it and he does. Only succeeds in edging it to the keeper. Shivamogga Lions win by 14 runs. Siddharth c Nihal Ullal b Pradeep T 77(54) [4s-10 6s-1]

Pradeep T to Siddharth, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

19.1 Pradeep T to Siddharth, FOUR, what a start for Siddharth and Mysuru. Pradeep misses his length, goes full on off and Siddharth swats it to the cow corner fence

So, 19 off the last over. MS Dhoni at this very ground came very close to accomplishing the task in this year's IPL against RCB. CSK needed 26 and MSD scored 24. Pradeep to bowl. All eyes on Siddarth.. Here we go

18.6 Sharath to Devaiah, no run, yes as expected. Devaiah blocks out a blockhole delivery from Sharath

He walks up to have a word with his partner, asking him probably to see off the final ball

18.5 Sharath to Siddharth, 1 run, low full toss, sits low and slogs it to deep mid-wicket. Surprisingly, he takes the single

18.4 Sharath to Siddharth, SIX, wow! Four, followed by a six. This game is still not over folks. Siddharth looks determined. Spots the slower ball and slots it over wide long-on

18.3 Sharath to Siddharth, FOUR, biffed straight down the ground. Much-needed boundary for Mysuru. Stayed deep, backs his muscle power and keeps a steady head

18.2 Sharath to Siddharth, no run, dot again. Fullish outside off, Siddharth can only jam it to extra cover

18.1 Sharath to Siddharth, no run, from round the wicket, nails the yorker. Squeezed through point and three fielders are outside the ring on the off-side. He can't find the gap and he doesn't take the single

HS Sharath [3.0-0-25-3] is back into the attack

Okay. So, it's KV Siddharth vs Shivamogga Lions from here. Mysuru need 30 runs in 12 balls. Can KV do something dramatic?

17.6 Pradeep T to Devaiah, no run, dipping low full toss, Devaiah squirts it off the inside half to mid-wicket and KV is reluctant to take the single. Sanity prevailing..