PRS vs ADS, Perth

Adelaide Strikers won by 16 runs

Perth Scorchers - 165/7 (20 Ovs)
Adelaide Strikers - 181/5 (20 Ovs)

Strikers have thumped Scorchers in their own backward and they have moved up the points table to number second. They have found the momentum at the business end of the tournament and with Carey and Head both back in the side, they look like a side to beat. It's heating up in the points table and every match from hereon is imperative. Tomorrow, Sixers will have a chance to dislodge Strikers from the second spot as they will take on Melbourne Renegades. Join us for that, until then goodbye and enjoy your friday.

Wes Agar, Man of the Match: It was great to come to Perth and get a win. We have always found it challenging here. Tonight has been really pleasing. I started with a couple of wide against Ashton, it's good to play against him and play against Scorchers. Ashton did bully me around a bit growing up but it was always fun. Cricket was everything back then and that's why we are here. We (Strikers) have a really good process and planning going into every game and we don't wanna think too far ahead.

21:40 Local Time, 13:40 GMT, 19:10 IST: It was a clinical performance by Strikers. They did it the old way, got a good total on the board and defended it like a champion unit. Strikers hit their areas with the new ball and they didn't allow Scorchers to get off to a flier. They even got rid of Jos Inglis early which was a major setback for the home side. But his batting partner, Liam Livingstone got his act in order and batted in a belligerent fashion. He was hitting it miles and was threatening Strikers big time. But the man with the golden arm for Strikers, Wes Agar got him caught at deep mid-wicket in the 16th over. And from there on, it was always going to be very tough for the home side as the required rate was close to 14. After his dismissal, Bancroft tried. Agar tried. Jordon tried. But they all perished trying to match the required rate and the home side ended up 16 runs short of the target. Wes Agar also picked up the wickets of Jos Inglis and Mitchell Marsh and he is the Man of the Match. Let's hear what he has to say after that match-winning performance.

19.6 Siddle to J Richardson, no run, gets too cheeky on that delivery, wanted to paddle it over short fine leg, makes no contact and it ends up at Carey! That's it, Strikers win by 16 runs and go to the second spot in the points table!

19.5 Siddle to J Richardson, SIX, make that 16 off 3! Richardson charges down, gets under that delivery and smokes it over long-on for another maximum

19.4 Siddle to J Richardson, FOUR, that's nicely done! He waits for that delivery and steers it wide of short third man for a boundary! 10 off 2 for Richardson!

19.3 Siddle to J Richardson, SIX, first ball six for Richardson! Where were you Mr. Richardson? It was in the slot for J Richardson, he gets under it and tonks it over deep mid-wicket for a sixer. It was just over Rashid Khan there!

Jhye Richardson, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.2 Siddle to Jordan, out Bowled!! Siddle does what he generally does - takes a wicket in the final over. He bowls it full and straight, it might have been a slower one as Jordan was early into the shot. It strikes him on the pads and deflects back to clatter the stumps. Jordan b Siddle 11(5) [4s-1 6s-1]

Siddle to Jordan, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.1 Siddle to Agar, 1 run, full delivery on the stumps, Agar drives it down the ground to long-off

Peter Siddle [3.0-0-18-0] is back into the attack

18.6 Wes Agar to Jordan, SIX, great effort in the deep by Neser but it will go in vain. Wes Agar dishes out in the slot and Jordan gets under it and powers it over long-on. Neser was in the business for the most part, in the end, he knew, he won't be able to catch so he wanted to tap it inside the ropes to save a six. But it ends up just out of his reach and goes over the fence for a baby six

18.5 Wes Agar to Agar, 1 run, very full delivery on the stumps, Agar steers it wide of backward point

18.4 Wes Agar to Jordan, 1 run, short ball banged into wicket, Jordan nails the pull shot straight to deep mid-wicket

18.3 Wes Agar to Agar, leg byes, 1 run, 142.6 kph delivery wide of off, Agar was beaten by the pace on the paddle. It clips his pads and ends up on the leg-side

18.3 Wes Agar to Jordan, 2 wides, short ball down the leg-side, Jordan misses the pull. It ends up at Carey and they run a single too!

18.2 Wes Agar to Jordan, no run, short ball banged into the wicket, Jordan slogs and misses

18.1 Wes Agar to Jordan, FOUR, full-toss wide of off, a real hit-me delivery. Jordan throws his bat at it, it clips the outside edge and races away wide of short third man for a boundary

Wes Agar [3.0-0-22-3] is back into the attack