ADS vs MLS, Adelaide

Adelaide Strikers won by 11 runs

Melbourne Stars - 151/8 (20 Ovs)
Adelaide Strikers - 162/4 (20 Ovs)

That's all we have for you for today. Until tomorrow, and Brisbane where the conjoined twins Smith and Labuschagne will finally face off against each other, ta ta!!

Jon Wells | MoM: I was nicely playing my role and was lucky batting down the order. Nice to contribute again tonight. No I don't think I am under-rated. I am coming off a good domestic season and I don't mind flying under the radar. We had to get a partnership going, it was a pretty tough wicket. We defended 160 against a very good side and credit to the bowlers. With the bat, it was all about taking it deep and accelerating from there. Siddle keeps doing it day in and day out for us. We knew it was going to be a tough game and in the context of our season, we needed a win. They are a top team and it feels good to knock them off.

21:44 Local Time, 11:14 GMT, 16:44 IST: The Stars left it for a little too late. For nearly 17 overs they were going nowhere with their chase. And then when Handscomb cut loose, he was all alone, with too much to get. None of his other batsmen got going, with the pitch not the easiest to score on. Neither was Adelaide's bowling, with Siddle doing another old usual act of his, Rashid Khan looking impossible to score off. But the real damage was done in the first innings towards the death, with Wells leading the charge as the Striker's milked 49 off the final four overs to lift themselves all of a sudden to a highly competitive total.

19.6 Siddle to Worrall, out Bowled!! Dead straight -- full, pacy, on off. Worrall only swings, in hope, with no feet whatsoever. Misses. And off's uprooted. It's the official death nail, Adelaide's 11-run steal. Worrall b Siddle 0(1)

Siddle to Worrall, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.5 Siddle to Handscomb, 1 run, big swing across the line. Nah, only an inside edge, trickling away to fine leg. The super over's dead as well

19.4 Siddle to Handscomb, FOUR, okay, the super over's alive. It's a missed yorker turned low full toss, and a crouched swipe is good enough to get it into deep mid-wicket

Daniel Worrall, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.3 Siddle to Zampa, out Caught by Short!! That should kill it. Zampa's way too deep in his crease, very wristy in his airy flick, and he couldn't have dragged and found deep square leg any better. Zampa c Short b Siddle 6(5) [4s-1]

Siddle to Zampa, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

19.2 Siddle to Handscomb, 1 run, another room-making charge, a slice, and straight to extra cover. But, but, for some reason, he's taken the single .. hmmm

19.1 Siddle to Handscomb, FOUR, game on. Game alive. Not the way Handscomb would've liked, but who cares .. he charges down in trying to flick, but ends up with a leading edge over short third man

22 runs | 6 balls

18.6 Neser to Handscomb, 1 run, yorker, middle-lined, can only squeeze. Never mind, he has his strike back for himself

18.5 Neser to Handscomb, FOUR, a dance down, dance away, getting right to the pitch of this to carve away over extra cover

18.4 Neser to Handscomb, 2 runs, nails the yorker, Handscomb jams through mid-wicket, and pulls Zampa back for the second. He's alive. The Stars are alive. Oh, and he has his fifty as well

18.3 Neser to Handscomb, SIX, full, wide, in the slot -- Handscomb once again is one-kneed, slogging the it so damn cleany, into cow corner

18.2 Neser to Zampa, 1 run, slow, short, loopy bouncer. Zampa top-edges his pull, ballooning short of short third man. But importantly for the Stars, he's gotten Handscomb back on strike

18.1 Neser to Zampa, no run, slower one, outside off, and Zampa can only wrist his drive back down the pitch

Michael Neser [3.0-0-12-1] is back into the attack