MLR vs HBH, Melbourne

Hobart Hurricanes won by 4 runs

Melbourne Renegades - 186/4 (20 Ovs)
Hobart Hurricanes - 190/3 (20 Ovs)

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Mac Wright (MoM) - What a finish, a great finish from Nathan Ellis, a good turnout for the game and a good finish. He was smashing for fun (Nabi), I lost it under the lights for a moment, but good to have held on. It's awesome to get going at this stage (with the bat), we haven't been doing all that well this season. The plan was to bat till the end, to get to bat with Miller and McDermott at the end was good.

22:25 Local Time, 11:25 GMT, 16:55 IST: Phew! What a game. The match kept swinging from one side to the other and it was the Hobart Hurricanes who managed to hang on thanks to a certain Nathan Ellis. Melbourne Renegades almost had the perfect chase but they fell just short. Shaun Marsh set it up with a brisk fifty, Beau Webster played the anchor's role and Nabi came in as the enforcer. All three got to their respective fifties but in the end it was not enough to take them over the line. Ellis was left with 11 runs to defend in the final over and he managed to do it against the likes of Webster, Christian and Patel. Hurricanes have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the playoffs and they keep that alive with this win.

19.6 Nathan Ellis to Christian, 2 runs, Hobart Hurricanes win by 4 runs. The whole team comes over to mob Ellis who has done a fabulous job of defending 11 runs off the final over. He gets the slower delivery to dip and Christian drills it straight down the ground, just a brace and that will do

19.5 Nathan Ellis to Christian, no run, swing and miss. Top notch bowling from Ellis. Now only a maximum can take it to a Super Over, 7 off 1.. Full, fast and outside off, Christian shuffles and swings hard, he does not make contact

7 off 2 now.. Wade has a quick word with Ellis..

19.4 Nathan Ellis to Samit Patel, byes, 1 run, another back of the hand slower ball that deceives the batsman, Patel makes room and swings across the line but he is early into the shot, misses and Christian calls him through

19.3 Nathan Ellis to Christian, 1 run, Ellis appeals for a LBW. The umpire is not convinced. He infact gives it as run. Back of the hand slower ball, Christian is down on his knee to sweep and the ball hits the glove to lob into the off-side

Samit Patel, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.2 Nathan Ellis to Webster, out Caught by Rogers!! Oh no! This match is swinging like a pendulum. We still don't have a winner. Webster holes out and leaves the Renegades needing 9 off 4.. A high full toss and Webster heaves it to deep square leg, gets height than distance and Rogers settle under it comfortably. The third umpire checks for the height on the full toss and reckons it is fine. It was touch and go and the umpire has gone with the bowler. Webster c Rogers b Nathan Ellis 50(44) [4s-4]

Nathan Ellis to Webster, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

19.1 Nathan Ellis to Webster, 2 runs, full and close to yorker length, Webster jams it hard into the ground and the ball bounces over Ellis, the call is immediately for two and Christian charges across to make it in comfortably. There is a direct hit but Christian had made it in. That brings up the fifty as well for Webster

Ellis has 11 to defend in the final over.. Can he do it? Big ask from a youngster

18.6 Clive Rose to Webster, 1 run, in the air and safe. Flighted outside off, Webster reaches out and slices the loft towards extra cover, the three fielders were at short third man, backward point and cover-point. Bailey is the one running across and he cannot get there in time. Poor running from the batsmen as they only take a single

18.5 Clive Rose to Webster, no run, slower and gets it to drop, Webster swings hard and misses. The ball dips right in front of him and sneaks through

Daniel Christian, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.4 Clive Rose to Nabi, out Caught by Wright!! What a catch! But the damage has been done. Nabi walks back having put his team in the driver's seat. He leaves with Renegades needing 12 off 8.. He was looking to finish it in this over, clears his front leg and drags it across the line this time, did not middle it and Wright takes a superb catch near deep mid-wicket. He moves quickly to his left, tumbles forward and takes a good catch. That was struck powerfully but Wright managed to hang on without any fuss. Nabi c Wright b Clive Rose 63(30) [4s-4 6s-4]

Clive Rose to Nabi, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

18.3 Clive Rose to Nabi, SIX, back to back sixes and Nabi can finish it off in this over if Rose keeps bowling that length. It is right in the arc once again and Nabi goes straight down the ground, clearing the sightscreen comfortably

18.2 Clive Rose to Nabi, SIX, pace on the ball and Nabi feeds on it. 107kph full delivery and right in the slot, Nabi sitting deep in the crease smashes it through the line, just manages to clear long-off