SYS vs MLS, Sydney

Sydney Sixers won by 21 runs

Melbourne Stars - 125/5 (14 Ovs)
Sydney Sixers - 143/4 (14 Ovs)

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22:04 Local Time, 11:04 GMT, 16:34 IST: Sixers end Stars' winning streak and move to the second spot with this win. Henriques went berserk, hitting sixes for fun and Vince ably supported him which ensured a massive total for the hosts. In reply, Cartwright was the aggressive opener. But, after his downfall, the scoring rate dipped considerably as Maddinson struggled for timing. Stoinis hit 16 runs off the first three deliveries in the 12th over, but Lyon had the last laugh. For the Sixers, Dwarshuis was the pick of the bowlers - he was brilliant with his variations. There was hardly any intent from the Stars and Maxwell's men succumbed to their second loss of the season.

13.6 Tom Curran to Merlo, 2 runs, 113.4kph, slow ball, full on middle and leg, Merlo hammers it to the left of long-on. Sydney Sixers win by 21 runs

13.5 Tom Curran to Seb Gotch, 1 run, 134.9kph, very full ball, drilled to extra cover for a single

13.4 Tom Curran to Seb Gotch, 2 runs, 127.6kph, length ball, Gotch heaves it over mid-wicket

13.3 Tom Curran to Seb Gotch, no run, no hat-trick for Curran. Slower ball from a back of a length, Gotch slashes and gets an under edge that rolls back to the bowler

Jonathan Merlo, right handed bat, comes to the crease

13.2 Tom Curran to Maxwell, out Caught by Henriques!! Off-pace short ball, extra bounce too and Maxwell pulls it off the top part of the bat. Straight down Henriques's throat at long-on. Maxwell c Henriques b Tom Curran 12(13) [4s-2]

Tom Curran to Maxwell, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Seb Gotch, right handed bat, comes to the crease

27 runs | 5 balls

13.1 Tom Curran to Nick Larkin, out Caught by Daniel Hughes!! Slower ball, fullish and outside off, Larkin tries to hack over mid-wicket and gets the timing horribly wrong. The ball slices off the outer edge and it's a dolly for Hughes at extra cover. Nick Larkin c Daniel Hughes b Tom Curran 3(3)

Tom Curran to Nick Larkin, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Tom Curran [2.0-0-18-0] is back into the attack

27 runs | 1 over

12.6 Dwarshuis to Maxwell, no run, wide yorker, Maxwell stays leg-side and tries to squeeze it away, no contact made. On the tramline. Dwarshuis's figures: 3-1-20-2

12.5 Dwarshuis to Maxwell, FOUR, incredible shot! Maxwell opens his bat-face at the last moment to slice this wide ball over backward point for a one-bounce four

12.4 Dwarshuis to Maxwell, 2 runs, superb shot, superb fielding ... all this for a brace. Fullish outside off and Maxwell used his bottom hand to elevate it over extra cover. Vince runs to his right from deep cover, jumps and flicks the ball into play as he the momentum was taking him over the rope

Change of bat for Maxi

12.3 Dwarshuis to Nick Larkin, 1 run, 124.2kph, full and in the slot, Larkin misses out as he slices it over extra cover. There was protection in the deep