South Africa vs England, 2nd T20I

England won by 2 runs

ENG - 204/7 (20)
RSA - 202/7 (20)

CRR:  10.10
Rassie van der Dussen*43(26)23165.38
Chris Jordan*40312
Tom Curran40452
Partnership: 0(1)
Last wkt: Bjorn Fortuin c Adil Rashid b Tom Curran 0(1) - 202/7 in 19.6 ov.
Recent balls: ... | 1 1 2 2 4 1 | 0 6 4 2 W W

Another game which gave us a cardio work out. Another game which went right down to the wire. And this time the roles were reversed with England pipping SA at the post. The death bowling from both sides were like chalk and cheese. England had it covered where as SA looked a little clueless while bowling at the death. That and Mo Ali's 11-ball roller coaster of a knock was the difference in the end. The game of margins has one more installment left. It will be a winner takes it all battle and we will get you all the action. Till then this is Kumar Abhisekh Das signing off in the company of Vineeth Anantharaman, Rishi Roy and Shashikant Singh.

Eoin Morgan | England captain: We would have liked to win both but we came out on the winning side today. The level of intensity was a considerable improvement in today's game compared to East London. South Africa had the better of the batting conditions, the ball was skidding on, and our bowlers came up trumps. Quinny played extremely well, and the bowling performance was extremely good. Moeen was the standout with the bat, it was a match-winning innings looking at the way SA played and the way things turned out in the end. Jordan is one of our more experienced bowlers. He's very calm and delivers when it matters, so he's one you really want in your side. It's a tough ground to bowl on and the wicket's really good. About Tom Curran, it takes courage to bowl a gamble ball like the one out of the back of the hand, and a good catch by Rashid. This sets it up really well for the third game on Sunday.

Moeen Ali, Man of the Match: Was nice to go out and middle a few. Tried to put pressure back on the bowlers. We bat deep and that helps. It has been a reason why he have been successful over the years. When you are playing well, you need to keep it simple. Was glad to contribute to an England win.

Quinton de Kock: Great cricket played by both teams. They came out and fought till the end. They bowled really well at the death. I am sure the bowlers will come out and do better next time. Rassie thrives in such situations. He handled the pressure really well and happy for him. Disappointed that we didn't get over the line.

Narrowest defeats for SA in T20Is (runs):
1 run v IND, Colombo 2012
1 run v ENG, Jo'burg 2009
2 runs v ENG, Durban 2020*
5 runs v SL, Chattogram 2014

Narrowest victories for ENG in T20I (runs):
1 run v SA, Jo'burg 2009
2 runs v NZ, Hamilton 2018
2 runs v SA, Durban 2020*

21:51 Local Time, 19:51 GMT, 01:21 IST: Some more drama now. Was Adil Rashid inside the circle when the ball was released? Yes, he was. The third umpire checked it and was happy with the evidence that he had. The handshakes now don't have any jitters. England have kept the series alive by the skin of their teeth. Wickets off last two balls and England have snatched a win from the jaws of defeat. What a series this has been so far. QDK set it up for SA but barring van der Dussen no one really took advantage of the onslaught from QDK. van der Dussen didn't get the strike at all in the last over and that might be one of the reasons as well. But the way Pretorius was hitting them, it never looked like it will slip out go SA's grasp. But with 3 needed off 2 balls, Tom Curran fell back upon the tried and tested yorker to york out Pretorius. And then finished it off by executing a superb back of the hand slower ball. Don't expect too much of theatrics from the presentation ceremony. So, hang on!

RSA: 202-7 after 20 overs

19.6 Tom Curran to Fortuin, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! England win by 2 runs. Keep the series alive. That was a slower ball down leg, Fortuin looked to scoop it but ended up finding the fielder at short fine leg.Fortuin c Adil Rashid b Tom Curran 0(1)

Tom Curran to Fortuin, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

Bjorn Fortuin, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Mini-conference between a group from the England camp. Last ball. 3 needed.

19.5 Tom Curran to Pretorius, out Lbw!! More drama on this tour. That was a fuller ball, tailed in, escaped the bat and hit the boot of the batter. He was given out by the umpire but van der Dussen forced his partner to review it. In the end, it was umpire's call on hitting and impact but good enough to be deemed out. Pretorius lbw b Tom Curran 25(13) [4s-2 6s-1]

Tom Curran to Pretorius, THATS OUT!! Lbw!!

Drama here. Pretorius has been given out LBW. Looks like a dead duck as well. Tom Curran speared in the yorker and Pretorius trying to jam the ball down couldn't get any bat on it. Or is there some inside edge? Don't think so. But is impact in line with in the sticks? That is tight as well. May be just outside off I feel. Hitting is umpire's call and so is impact. The review stays but Pretorius is gone. 3 still needed.

19.4 Tom Curran to Pretorius, 2 runs, I think Pretorius is in. But then it was a flat throw and the keeper hardly wasted any time to whip the bails off. Pretorius flew in literally and the bat was in the air for a little time before coming down to be dragged into the crease. Hardly a frame separating out from not out but has been deemed not out. Was a fuller ball and Pretorius knocked it away into the on-side. There was some hesitation and hence the dive was needed

19.3 Tom Curran to Pretorius, FOUR, fuller and wider, Pretorius slashes it hard and gets it past deep cover for a four. 5 needed now. That was a widish delivery and Pretorius got enough bat on it to send it away

19.2 Tom Curran to Pretorius, SIX, shorter in length, slower and allowed time for Pretorius to get on the back foot and smoke it across the line. Big hit. Huge hit indeed under pressure. Pretorius is up and chuffed. 9 needed off 4 as the sound at Kingsmead is deafening

19.1 Tom Curran to Pretorius, no run, slower ball first up and Pretorius was through with his shot too early. Misses it and it is a precious dot ball. 15 off 5 balls

Tom Curran [3.0-0-33-0] is back into the attack

Curran to bowl the final over.