Aus vs Pak, Brisbane

Australia won by an innings and 5 runs

Pak - 335 & 240
Aus - 580

Pakistan will wonder what would have happened if they had shown today's kind of application on the first day. What would have Mohammad Abbas done on this surface. All these decisions will be analysed in the next couple of days if they have to turn over their 13 straight loses in Australia. The home side will just look for more of the same from their players in the day-night Test in Adelaide. That's all from us here. We'll see you around on Friday (November 29). Until then, goodbye and take care..

Marnus Labuschagne | Man of the Match: It is pretty special to have it all pan out like that. It is a privilege to wear this cap and it is good to have a winning contribution. It was very tough (in the 90s), your mind keeps casting you forward if you get there, you get bit nervous and once I got there there was plenty of emotions. It is a big thing not only for me but for my family and everyone who have contributed to my success. It has been a long process and not happened overnight. Some of the technical changes that I have done; I kind of went to England and learnt to play in those conditions and playing at the Gabba you are always tested. It is going to be so exciting, it is going to be my first Test at Adelaide. The pink ball is such a spectacle, hopefully it is going to be a good contest.

Tim Paine | Australia captain: Really happy. Anytime you win a Test by an innings, you have done a lot right. We have started well and to maintain our record at the Gabba is excellent. Very pleasing. Throughout the winter we relied on Steve really heavily. We have some real quality in our batting now and it is all about putting it together in the middle. Fantastic to see Davey back over from his struggles in England. We knew the Davey in Australia is a different proposition and he played superbly. They (Warner and Burns) have a really good connection and you can see that even with their running. They love batting together and set the tone for us in the Test match. Everyone in the team is really proud and happy for Marnus. He works really hard and hits as many balls as Steve Smith and loves the game of cricket. He gives our team energy out in the field and in the dressing room. We are happy for Marnus to finally arrive on the big stage. I thought his Ashes in tough conditions was awesome and looks like he is getting better and better which is a great thing for Australia. They (the bowlers) were pretty good but we hold them to high standards and would have liked to clean them up earlier today but the two guys in the middle batted well and the ball also got soft. We know we have an excellent attack and once again they have gotten us 20 wickets.

Azhar Ali | Pakistan captain: Almost all of our guys are in good nick. Babar and Rizwan showed the way today and also Shan played really well. Partnerships are important and once you get partnerships going, things start to get easier. Australians always come hard at you but the wicket was really good and we missed the opportunity in the first innings. It is always tough leaving Abbas out. We have been thinking quite hard and the bowlers who played were bowling well, even against the Australian A side. For a 16-year-old guy (Naseem), he came up and bowled at a consistent pace. His line and length were also good and he will be a good prospect for Pakistan. We will look at it (team composition) in the next couple of days.

Lyon broke the partnership by removing Azam and even then the Pakistani lower-order was not ready to throw in the towel. Rizwan kept one end occupied and Yasir Shah gave him good company as they added 79 for the seventh wicket, but the eagerness to get to his maiden Test ton saw Rizwan holing out in the deep off Hazlewood and with that ended Pakistan's resistance as the second new ball was taken as soon as it was available and the last three wickets were taken for 11 runs. Stay tuned for the presentations...

16:00 Local Time, 06:00 GMT, 11:30 IST: The Gabbatoir remains unbreached. Australia have started the Test summer with a comprehensive win. They were made to sweat for that victory today by the pair of Azam and Rizwan. Not many would have given Pakistan a chance to stretch this game this far when they lost 3 for 25 but the batsmen showed more application than the first innings to drag the game into the final session. Masood and Azam started the fightback with a steady partnership and once the former was dismissed, the latter took charge and counterattacked in the company of Rizwan. The duo added 132 for the sixth wicket and got to their respective - second Test hundred and maiden Test fifty - milestones.

Pakistan at the Gabba
1981 - Lost by 10 wickets
1983 - Draw
1995 - Lost by an inns & 126 runs
1999 - Lost by 10 wickets
2016 - Lost by 39 runs
2019 - Lost by inns & 5 runs

Pakistan have lost their last five Tests away from home
Lost by inns & 55 runs vs ENG, Leeds 2018
Lost by 6 wickets vs RSA, Centurion 2018
Lost by 9 wickets vs RSA, Cape Town 2019
Lost by 107 runs vs RSA, Johannesburg 2019
Lost by inns & 5 runs vs AUS, Brisbane 2019

Australia have not lost at the Gabba since 1988 - 31 Tests, 24 won, 7 draws

84.2 Starc to Imran Khan, out Caught by Wade!! Australia win by an innings and 5 runs. Hugs and handshakes all-round. There is a check for no-ball check and Starc is fine there. Khan was not going to hang around and as soon as he saw the full delivery, he went after it. The connection was not like the previous delivery, this one comes off the toe-end and skies up, Wade is stationed at deepish mid-on and he reverse cups it calmly. Imran Khan c Wade b Starc 5(6) [4s-1]

Starc to Imran Khan, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

84.1 Starc to Imran Khan, FOUR, smashed! Khan enjoyed it as he has a big smile on his face as Shah walks up to him. Pakistan inch closer to making Australia bat again. Starc comes round the wicket and lands it full, Khan clears his front leg and pumps it straight back over the bowler

83.6 Hazlewood to Naseem Shah, no run, goes for the yorker but it is a full toss which Shah knocks to mid-on

83.5 Hazlewood to Naseem Shah, no run, tries to swing it off the Gabba but misses it by a mile. Shah clears his front leg and has a go, but the good length delivery flies over the stumps. The bounced helped him there

Naseem Shah, right handed bat, comes to the crease

83.4 Hazlewood to Shaheen Afridi, out Caught by Pat Cummins!! Easy peasy! This was bound to happen with all the swings Afridi was having. Short of length delivery and he is beaten for pace, tries to pull but the ball comes off the splice of the bat, lobs towards mid-off where Cummins accepts the dolly. Australia are one wicket away from wrapping this up. Shaheen Afridi c Pat Cummins b Hazlewood 10(18) [4s-2]

Hazlewood to Shaheen Afridi, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

83.3 Hazlewood to Shaheen Afridi, no run, slanted it full and outside off, Afridi sees the width and throws his bat, the thick inside edge bounces back to hit him on the body. So easily could have gone on to the stumps

83.2 Hazlewood to Shaheen Afridi, no run, bouncer angled across left hander, Afridi ducks and sways away from the line

83.1 Hazlewood to Shaheen Afridi, no run, on a length and around off, Afridi is solidly behind the line to defend

82.6 Starc to Imran Khan, no run, spears it full and outside off, Khan dangles his bat and is lucky not to have edged it

82.5 Starc to Imran Khan, no run, aims for the body and manages to get it on target, Khan turns his back and the ball lobs off the thigh pad to short leg. Stifled appeal for a bat-pad but it was nowhere close to the bat