CHTG vs KT, Dhaka

Match tied - Chittagong Vikings won the Super Over

Chittagong Vikings - 151/8 (20 Ovs)
Khulna Titans - 151/6 (20 Ovs)

That's it from this game. The second game of the day is starting in a while. Switch tabs and catch all the action. Goodbye!

Rahim: It was a great game of cricket. Credit goes to Frylinck. He has a great career ahead of him (Yasir Ali). Hopefully in the future matches, he scores big.

Frylinck, Player of the Match: I would've preferred to hit the single rather than going into the Super Over. Juniad bowled a good Super Over. It worked out for me. I thank the crowd for the support.

Mahmudullah: It was a good opportunity to win for us today. Losing four matches in a row, we were under pressure. We need to execute our plans.

An action-packed game comes to a close with Chittagong Vikings prevailing in the Super Over. Celebrations start in the Vikings camp, heart-break for Khulna. But they had the match in their hands till the 19th over. Frylinck, the hero, scripting an all-round job for his team. First getting his team into the Super Over and then defending 12 runs was outstanding.

Ball 6: Frylinck to Stirling, OUT, Stirling, run-out ( Shahzad / Frylinck), byes, 1 run, it's all over for Khulna. Frylinck harpoons the yorker outside off, the batsman was moving across and fails to squeeze it out

3 needed off the final ball.

Ball 5: Frylinck to Stirling, 2 runs, full toss at the body. Stirling gets it high on the bat seeking to pull and it falls in the gap at deep mid-wicket. Two taken

Ball 4: Frylinck to Malan, run-out, Brathwaite (Shahzad)! Very full and it nutmegs Malan, sneaking through his legs. They decide to scamper through for the bye, Shahzad collects the ball and hits the stumps to catch the batsman short

Ball 3: Frylinck to Malan, 2 runs, full and at the stumps, flicked it towards deep mid-wicket and they come back for the second. Malan dives and he's made it in comfortably. Third umpire had a look and it was an easy decision

Ball 2: Frylinck to Malan, FOUR, low full toss on off, Malan bends across and drives it in the gap at extra cover

Ball 1: Frylinck to Braithwaite, 1 run, low full toss, driven to long-off

Braithwaite and Malan are at the crease. Frylinck to bowl. Braithwaite is on strike.

Right, the target for Khulna is 12. Two fours in the Super Over but it was a good comeback in the end from Junaid to keep it down to 11. Can Khulna chase it down? We'll see..

Ball 6: Junaid Khan to Delport, 1 run, very full at the stumps, Delport squeezes it onto his pads and they sneak in a single

Ball 5: Junaid Khan to Rahim, 1 run, slower short ball. Rahim goes for the pull and splices it up in the air at mid-wicket

Rahim walks in next.

Ball 4: Junaid Khan to Frylinck, bowled! Khan roars back. Very full at the stumps, the batsman swings and misses. Gets castled.

Ball 3: Junaid Khan to Frylick, FOUR, short ball, takes all the pace off it. Frylinck goes for the pull and gets a top-edge which runs away in the gap at fine leg

Ball 2: Junaid Khan to Delport, 1 run, full on middle, drilled to long-on

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