KDK vs PP, Sharjah

Paktia Panthers won by 9 runs

Kandahar Knights - 118 (19.4 Ovs)
Paktia Panthers - 127 (18.2 Ovs)

That is it from game 1 and we move to game number 2 of the day which is between Kabul Zwanan and Nangarhar Leopards. See ya there peeps!

Mohammad Shahzad: The bowlers did well. Senior bowlers like Lala (shahid Afridi) gave confidence to the bowlers that we can defend this total. I need to just have him (Shahid Afridi) on the ground as senior players are the key. Sikandar Raza played really well and I enjoyed his innings.

Asghar Afghan: 127 is not a big total. Our batsmen have been playing very poor cricket. Especially the top-order. The bowlers did well though.

Isuru Udana, Man of the Match: It was a great game. Great effort by the bowling group. I am very happy about my performance. We thought we were short by 20-25 runs. I just thought of bowling wicket to wicket and that worked.

Kandahar have lost their fourth game in succession. They came close yet again. 14 needed off the final 2 overs and they have lost it by 9 runs. Karim Janat who was striking the ball well could have thought better of the situation. And Naveed as well who played out four dot balls in the penultimate over. Paktia though have once again showed that team work is the only way out. But for me, Isuru Udana has to be the Man of the Match. His quickfire cameo with the bat and then the removal of the Kandahar top-order were the turning points of the game.

19.4 Ahmadzai to Karim Janat, out Karim Janat Run Out!! 1 run completed. Kandahar have kicked away another chance here. They somehow lose this by 9 runs. Quite difficult to comprehend it. That was full, driven down towards long-on, Karim had to come back for a double and it was never on. He dropped his bat mid-way and then there was no chance for him to make it as the keeper whipped the bails off. Karim Janat run out (Udana/Mohammad Shahzad) 27(23) [4s-3 6s-1]

Ahmadzai to Karim Janat, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

19.3 Ahmadzai to Karim Janat, no run, that was full, the batsman tried to heave it away and the ball went off the outer half to land short of the man at cover point. Karim Janat wanted to take a single? He does not seem to be backing himself

19.2 Ahmadzai to Waqar Salamkheil, 1 run, and the number 11 shows better brains to push the ball away into the deck for a single. 11 needed. Karim back on strike

Waqar Salamkheil, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.1 Ahmadzai to Shirzad, out Caught by Afridi!! Slower short ball, slapped straight to the man at cover. A wicket off the first ball. What more could have Paktia asked for? Poor stuff from Kandahar. They keep finding ways of throwing good positions away. The two men might not have crossed as well. Number 11 will be on strike. Shirzad c Afridi b Ahmadzai 1(2)

Ahmadzai to Shirzad, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

runs off the final over and Ahmadzai will be bowling it.

18.6 Sharafuddin Ashraf to Shirzad, 1 run, Kandahar are messing it up again. That was just lifted away sans any power for the man at long-on to pick it up. Only a single. So, Karim Janat will be off strike

18.5 Sharafuddin Ashraf to Karim Janat, 1 run, goes for the reverse and connects well. But the man at point slides to stop it. Only a single. 13 needed now

Sayed Shirzad, left handed bat, comes to the crease

18.4 Sharafuddin Ashraf to Naveed, out Caught by Shenwari!! Naveed what have you done? He is gone. More importantly another dot ball. Danced out blind, reached out for a wider ball and lofted it straight to the man at long-off. poor thinking from the batsman but excellent from the bowler. Paktia are still in this. Naveed c Shenwari b Sharafuddin Ashraf 11(10) [6s-1]

Sharafuddin Ashraf to Naveed, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

18.3 Sharafuddin Ashraf to Naveed, no run, another dot ball. 14 off 9 balls. Backed away, Sharafuddin Ashraf bowled it flatter and Naveed missed the cut. Excellent from Sharaf

18.2 Sharafuddin Ashraf to Naveed, no run, backs away, the bowler saw that and bowled it flatter outside off. Naveed fails to connect. Two dots

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