KZ vs KDK, Sharjah

Kabul Zwanan won by 2 runs

Kandahar Knights - 171/7 (20 Ovs)
Kabul Zwanan - 173/6 (20 Ovs)

Game 1 is done and dusted. We move our focus to game number 2 of the evening as Balkh will look to bounce back against Nangarhar, who have lost their last two games.

Asghar Afghan: It is a part of the game. You win some and you lose some. Unfortunately our top-order is not playing as well as the middle-order. I will give credit to Parnell, who bowled a great second last over.

Rashid Khan: It was a close game. Very short boundaries and the match might change any time. Nasir played really well. Credit goes to them for ensuring this was a very good match. I was a little unlucky that the edges went away. He played some good shots as well. I learnt what to do in the next few games.

Shahidullah Kamal, Man of the Match: Firstly, I am very happy for the team. I stuck to the plan told to me by the captain and coach. I look after my batting as I am a batting all-rounder.

The result is not something to be surprised of. Kabul were favorites coming into this game but Kandahar have run them really close. Set a target of 174, Kandahar again fell back on Asghar Afghan as wickets fell like ninepins from the other end. But skipper Afghan scored a brisk 52 off 32 balls to keep them afloat in the chase. But once Riki Wessels joined Nasir Jamal, things turned on its head. The duo added 60 runs off 29 balls for the 6th wicket to ensure 20 runs were needed off the final 2 overs. But Parnell first and then Fareed Ahmed held their nerves to eke out a win for Kabul.

19.6 Fareed Ahmad to Wessels, SIX, and that goes for six over wide long-on but that does not count! Kabul win this cliffhanger by 2 runs. Fareed went for a six off the final ball but still exulted in delight as he had done his job prior to that

19.5 Fareed Ahmad to Wessels, no run, low full toss going across the right-hander and Wessels trying to flay it away, misses. That is it. Kandahar will remain winless. Wessels is gutted. So near so far in his first game in the APL

19.4 Fareed Ahmad to Wessels, no run, right up there! Superb stuff! The batsman yorks the ball back to the bowler. Dot ball is worth gold

19.3 Fareed Ahmad to Wessels, FOUR, wrists of steel! That was full and Wessels gets under it to clobber it over cover for a four. The man at long-off had no chance to his left. 9 more needed

19.2 Fareed Ahmad to Naveed, 1 run, toe-ends the delivery away into the covers for a single

19.1 Fareed Ahmad to Wessels, 1 run, full ball and slapped down the ground towards long-off for a single

Fareed to bowl the final over. Ingram having a long word with him. Now Parnell chips in with some advice.

18.6 Parnell to Wessels, 1 run, only five off the over!! Superb stuff from the experienced Parnell. That was a length delivery and was hoicked across the line for a single. Wessels has the strike though and that is the key for Kandahar

18.5 Parnell to Naveed, 1 run, looks to go big and toe-ends the ball over cover for a single. 16 more needed now

18.4 Parnell to Wessels, 1 run, too full, clubbed down the ground to long-on for a single. Singles won't bother Kabul

18.3 Parnell to Naveed, 1 run, yorkerish delivery and has been dug out towards short fine leg for a single

18.2 Parnell to Wessels, 1 run, goes across and laps it over the man at short fine leg for the man at deep square to cut it off

Mohammad Naveed, right handed bat, comes to the crease

18.1 Parnell to Nasir Jamal, out Caught by Rashid Khan!! And that is a huge strike. The game back into balance again. Length delivery and the batsman dragged it away to find the man at long-on. Rashid took it easy. Nasir Jamal c Rashid Khan b Parnell 38(30) [4s-2 6s-2]

Parnell to Nasir Jamal, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

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