Pak vs NZ, Abu Dhabi

Pakistan won by 6 wkts

Pak - 212/4 (40.3 Ovs)
NZ - 209/9 (50 Ovs)

This win by Pakistan perfectly sets up the final that is to be played on Sunday. Pakistan were superior across all departments today and they'll hope to repeat the same in the series decider. That's all we've got from this game. It's me, Nikhil signing off on behalf of Akshay, Ramakrishnan and Mukesh. Time to head home and hit the sack! Night folks!

Sarfraz Ahmed: It was a complete team performance. We were hoping for a comeback and we did that, indeed. We were trying to use the new ball. Afridi is good with that. Imam has been discharged from the hospital and he'll be fine soon. The way we batted tonight, it was great. Babar played the bouncer well. It was a superb display of batting. Our bowlers did well to contain the batsmen earlier. Spinners did a good job in the middle overs and then the pacers took wickets. We'll try to play good cricket and win the final game.

Kane Williamson: We never fired a shot, scraped our way through to a total. Not the total on this surface. The boys tried hard with the ball but we were outplayed. We definitely need to improve on a lot of areas. We head to Dubai and the surface has a lot of similarities. So we need to address the areas we need to work upon. With the ball the guys did try hard but there were not enough runs. (Lockie) has the pace and under lights it skidded on and he was effective. We don't do that (bowl bouncers) all the time but today was an exception as we were well behind the game. We have been in such situations earlier, so excited for the last game.

Shaheen Afridi, MoM: I would like to thank God. Glad with the win. (On him not being able to control the new ball) It felt like I was bowling for the first time with the new ball, but happy that I came back well to pick four wickets. I am trying to stick to my lines, lengths and work on my variations. I am learning a lot from the seniors in the team.

22:28 Local Time, 18:28 GMT, 23:58 IST: Pakistan finally manage to get the monkey off their back. They end the 12-match losing streak against New Zealand, get lucky the 13th time. Usually that number is considered to be unlucky by many teams, but for Pakistan things are otherwise, most of the times - this being one of them. Having restricted the Blackcaps to a below par score, their openers came to the party. Imam was struck on his helmet grille by a nasty bouncer but Babar Azam took on the challenge and scored quite a few boundaries against Lockie's short deliveries. Yes, the Kiwi speedster took three wickets with his lethal short ones but the damage had already been inflicted by then. More than anything else, the Pakistani camp will be delighted with Fakhar Zaman's return to form. The southpaw played a scintillating knock of 88 and that proved to be the real knockout punch after that superlative spell by Shaheen Afridi that set the tone earlier in the day.

40.3 Southee to Hafeez, FOUR, Pakistan beat New Zealand and level the series 1-1. Short and wide outside off, Hafeez pounces on it and chops it past the fielder at short third man. Handshakes by the two batsmen as soon as the ball finds the fence

40.2 Southee to Hafeez, no run, skiddy back of a length delivery around off, Hafeez defends

40.1 Southee to Hafeez, no run, short of a length around middle and leg, tucked in front of short mid-wicket

39.6 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, takes a forward stride and eases the loopy delivery back to the bowler. Maiden!

39.5 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, fifth consecutive dot of the over, goes back and punches the googly to point

39.4 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, flatter and quicker outside off, it's been patted to point

39.3 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, legbreak outside off, punched in front of covers

39.2 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, shortish outside off, chopped to cover-point

39.1 Ish Sodhi to Shadab Khan, no run, tossed up delivery around off, played into the off side

38.6 Southee to Hafeez, no run, short and quick around off, Hafeez attempts a pull but doesn't middle it, drops it in front of short mid-wicket

38.5 Southee to Hafeez, no run, short and quick outside off, eased in front of point

38.4 Southee to Hafeez, no run, back of a length outside off, dabbed to point by Hafeez

38.3 Southee to Shadab Khan, 1 run, scythes the short of a length delivery to backward point

38.2 Southee to Shadab Khan, no run, short of a length around off and it's blocked by Shadab Khan

38.1 Southee to Shadab Khan, no run, cramping the batsman for room, short of a length around middle and leg, nudged in front of short mid-wicket

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