ADS vs MLS, Adelaide

Adelaide Strikers won by 41 runs

Melbourne Stars - 137 (19.2 Ovs)
Adelaide Strikers - 178/5 (20 Ovs)

What a comprehensive win for Adelaide Strikers that was. Though they lost in the initial phases of both innings, it was during the crunch situations, where they clicked to perfection. Their openers failed but the middle order batsmen, including Ingram and Head came out on top with pivotal knocks. And in the second innings, although Stars were off to a flier, the Adelaide bowlers bounced back in fine fashion - striking at regular intervals and clinching the game convincingly. With this victory, Adelaide Strikers have moved up to the second position in the points table. We've got an off-day in the BBL tomorrow but on Sunday there are going to be as many as three league matches played. Can the Strikers keep up with their winning momentum then? Join us on Sunday to find that out. For now, it's a goodbye from us!

19.2 Laughlin to Bird, out Bowled!! Adelaide Strikers win by 41 runs. A yorker on off and Bird swings and misses. That sums up the day for Stars as they're beaten by the home team by a huge margin. Laughlin ends with a 3-wicket haul and tops up with a celebration - punching the air in delight. Bird b Laughlin 10(11)

Laughlin to Bird, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.2 Laughlin to Bird, wide, slower bouncer, Bird heaves and misses, over his head

19.1 Laughlin to Liam Bowe, 1 run, heaves the slower length ball to deep mid-wicket

18.6 Neser to Bird, no run, swings wildly at a short ball, only to get beaten

18.5 Neser to Liam Bowe, 1 run, whips the full toss into the gap at mid-wicket for his first run

Liam Bowe, left handed bat, comes to the crease

18.4 Neser to Boland, out Bowled!! You miss, I hit. Yup! Right into the blockhole and beats Boland's down the pitch swing. Couldn't do much after he had stepped down the track. That's that! Boland b Neser 6(6) [4s-1]

Neser to Boland, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

18.3 Neser to Boland, FOUR, slammed down the ground! A length ball around off and Boland hammers it down to long-on, beating the fielder's dive comfortably

18.2 Neser to Bird, 1 run, chips the length ball to long-off for a single

18.1 Neser to Bird, 2 runs, Bird drills this down to long off, challenges the fielder's throw and manages to come back for two, even after the direct hit scored the batsman's end

Michael Neser [3.0-0-24-1] is back into the attack

17.6 Laughlin to Bird, 1 run, hacks the short one to deep mid-wicket for a single

17.5 Laughlin to Bird, 2 runs, dropped by Short at long-on! Bird had mistimed his flat batted hoick towards the fielder there, but as the ball was dipping in front of him, he couldn't hold on to it

17.4 Laughlin to Bird, no run, slower ball outside off, Bird swings and misses

17.3 Laughlin to Boland, 1 run, knocks the slower delivery to long-on, a run more

17.2 Laughlin to Bird, 1 run, heaves the length ball through backward square leg, one more to the total

17.1 Laughlin to Boland, leg byes, 1 run, fired on leg, a yorker that strikes Boland's pads as he fails to connect his flick

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