Aus vs RSA, Adelaide

Australia won by 7 runs

RSA - 224/9 (50 Ovs)
Aus - 231 (48.3 Ovs)

22:16 Local Time, 11:46 GMT, 17:16 IST: Wow! In this age of short boundaries, massive bats and two new balls, can we call 230 a low-scoring encounter? Not really but on a belter of a track at the Oval, it looked like one. Let's call it a mid-score humdinger. Finch had his thinking cap 'ON' throughout the second innings. He was simply outstanding as a skipper and his thinking on the feet probably won the match for Australia. It was a much-needed victory for them. It came after an eternity and sets up this series beautifully. Join us for the final ODI on Sunday. Until then, this is Varun Dixit signing off on behalf of Pradeep, Vineet and Mukesh.

Aaron Finch, winning skipper and Man of the Match: It was an outstanding effort in the field. It was a justification of some hardwork that we have put in. It keeps the series alive. We know, when our quicks bowl in the right areas, they are excellent. We had to bowl them out to win and breaking the partnership of Faf and Miller was key. I knew, Zampa will play a crucial role at some stage. He showed a lot of character as it is never easy to bowl for a spinner with these short square boundaries.

Faf du Plessis: It is a tough defeat to swallow. Their number 10 and 11 put on 30 odd runs and that proved to be decisive. Me and Miller were handling things well, we should have taken it deep. We lost too many wickets upfront. Their seamers were bowling really well. They put a great deal of pressure. We should have closed this game. I don't think that score was worth winning. We let ourselves down. With 80-90 runs to win, it was a good opportunity for Dwaine Pretorius but we shouldn't have left him to do that much.

Mitchell Starc: A lot of us said that the wheel would turn. We had a bit of luck going our way, and everyone's really glad. We were just keeping ourselves going and it wasn't over until the last ball. At one stage we thought that we had to bowl them out to win the game, but then after Miller fell we decided to take it deep. I love taking the new ball and that angle going across works for me. I enjoy my partnership with Joshy (Hazlewood). The ball kept swinging and it kept me in good rhythm.

Marcus Stoinis - Very tired, it's been a really long day. We can build on this win, it was tough work, it's been a tough six months or so, just happy with the win. No thinking behind it, just raw emotion, I am passionate about playing for Australia, want to do the best for the team. We had some banter, some fun, we love playing as a group.

22:01 Local Time, 11:31 GMT, 17:01 IST: Australia end a seven-match losing streak. They had to work hard for it and in the end they did just enough to come out on top. Starc was rapid in his first spell but he only got QDK out. A silly run-out of Markram triggered a mini collapse and the Proteas lost 2 quick wickets after that. Faf and Miller united for the fifth wicket and things were looking good for the visitors. But Cummins, the man with the golden arm got the vital wicket of Faf and match turned in favour of Australia there. The lower middle-order batsmen failed to provide any help to Miller, who was looking good at the other end. Australia kept taking wickets at regular intervals. Finch bowled out his best seamers early on and left Zampa for the death overs, that proved to be a masterstroke. He wasn't at his best against the top-order batsmen but did well in the death. South Africa eventually fell short by 7 runs.

49.6 Maxwell to Tahir, FOUR, Australia win a tight match in the end. They win by 7 runs. Smiles all around in the Australian camp. Tahir steers it through the off-side and finishes with a boundary but that isn 't good enough for them.

49.5 Maxwell to Lungi Ngidi, 1 run, heaves it to deep mid-wicket, bat slips in his hand too, breaks into two halves and flies to the leg-side with Ngidi holding the handle

49.4 Maxwell to Tahir, byes, 1 run, misses it and it ends up being a bye as the ball rolls towards the off-side

Proteas need a six badly. Time to show your power hitting guys.

49.3 Maxwell to Lungi Ngidi, 1 run, yorker at the stumps, inside half of the bat takes it to the leg-side

49.2 Maxwell to Tahir, 1 run, walks down the ground, Maxwell bowls it well wide of off and it was out of Tahir's reach. He puts some bat to it and ends up wide of cover

49.1 Maxwell to Tahir, FOUR, quicker delivery outside off, Tahir gets some bat to it and manage to steer it wide of short third for a boundary

Glenn Maxwell, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

48.6 Zampa to Lungi Ngidi, SIX, wow! This match is still alive! Zampa bowls it too close to Lungi Ngidi, he clears his front leg and larrups it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 20 off the last over! Match on!

48.5 Zampa to Tahir, 1 run, powers it to deep mid-wicket, another single

48.4 Zampa to Lungi Ngidi, 1 run, well flighted and at the stumps, Lungi Ngidi mistimes it to the leg-side

48.3 Zampa to Lungi Ngidi, no run, well flighted and outside off, Lungi Ngidi misses across the line shot. Carey collects it

48.2 Zampa to Tahir, 1 run, a mighty heave from Tahir. Zampa slows his one up and that made Tahir took silly. It ends up at long-on

48.1 Zampa to Lungi Ngidi, 1 run, slower and well wide of off, Lungi Ngidi drags it from there. He ends up mistiming, it went to deep mid-wicket

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