NED vs Sco, Amstelveen

Scotland won by 115 runs

NED - 106 (14 Ovs)
Sco - 221/3 (20 Ovs)

Summary Scorecard

Scotland won the tri-series after finishing ahead of Netherlands with 5 points. The hosts finish second with 4 points while Ireland finished third with 3 points.

13.6 Hamza Tahir to Fred Klaassen, out Fred Klaassen Run Out!! 1 run completed Fred Klaassen run out (Dylan Budge/Matthew Cross) 1(1)

Hamza Tahir to Fred Klaassen, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

13.5 Hamza Tahir to Meekeren, out Bowled!! Meekeren b Hamza Tahir 8(6) [6s-1]

Hamza Tahir to Meekeren, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

13.4 Hamza Tahir to Scott Edwards, 1 run

13.3 Hamza Tahir to Meekeren, 1 run

13.2 Hamza Tahir to Meekeren, SIX

13.1 Hamza Tahir to Meekeren, no run

Hamza Tahir [3.0-0-17-2] is back into the attack

12.6 Berrington to Meekeren, 1 run

12.5 Berrington to Meekeren, no run

Paul van Meekeren, right handed bat, comes to the crease

12.4 Berrington to Snater, out Caught by Coetzer!! Snater c Coetzer b Berrington 6(5)

Berrington to Snater, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

12.3 Berrington to Snater, 2 runs

12.2 Berrington to Snater, 2 runs

12.2 Berrington to Snater, wide

12.1 Berrington to Scott Edwards, 1 run

Richie Berrington, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

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