SL vs Eng, Colombo

Sri Lanka won by 219 runs (DLS method)

Eng - 132/9 (26.1 Ovs)
SL - 366/6 (50 Ovs)

A bright smile on the face of Eoin Morgan as he collects the trophy. Well, it was a dead rubber and England played it like one. None of their players turned up today barring Ben Stokes who battled his way with injury and cramps to contribute 67 runs. This thumping victory will inject the much-needed self-belief in the Sri Lankan team. But they have won dead rubbers in the past and have failed to deliver when it matters. Let's hope this victory will give them their Mojo back in ODI cricket. That's it from our side today. Do join us for the T-20 on Saturday. Until then, this is Varun Dixit signing off our coverage on behalf of Nikhil, Hariprasad and Naga. Goodnight!

Eoin Morgan, Man of the series: I think Sri Lanka took advantage of a very poor day on our part. It's disappointing to end the series with a loss, on this note. We were completely outplayed by them (Sri Lanka) today. There were plenty of opportunities for the players within our playing XI. There's no excuse but today we weren't good enough. We go back to dissecting how we prepare and execute our plans, our skills and we need a platform in order to learn. Having won the last three games, we need to go back and think about today's loss in the changing room and learn from our mistakes. Individual form doesn't matter when you're planning for the World Cup. When it comes to selecting the 15 for the World Cup, we need to see how we progress.

Dinesh Chandimal: Openers put up a really good partnership and that set the tone. After that, myself and Kusal Mendis did a good job. Finally, the hard work from everyone has paid off. The dead rubber game is never easy to play but we did really well. We are trying to improve our fielding a lot. We can't control our batting and bowling but fielding is totally in our hands and we are working on fielding a lot. We are a young team and we will keep improving in every game. We are looking to find consistency. We are looking forward to the next series.

Niroshan Dickwella, Man of the Match: It was a good innings. I was so happy to make some runs in this series.(On his dismissal) It was my mistake but that's how I was playing in the entire series. I am so happy that we won today. I have discussed few things about my batting with batting coach and that has helped. I move around with my crease to disturb the line and length of the bowlers. Against spinners, I try to rotate the strike.

21:12 Local Time, 15:42 GMT, 21:12 IST: We are back with the news that we all knew after that rain break. The match has been officially called off. Rain has been stubborn throughout the series. It has provided the finishing touch in four out of five matches. And it's only apt that it provides the finishing touch on the final day of the series too. Sri Lanka win by a comprehensive margin of 219 runs (DLS method.) This is the first time England have lost an ODI by 200+ runs. Hang on for the presentations.

20:56 Local Time, 15:26 GMT, 20:56 IST: England are 219 runs behind the DLS par score. Complete domination by Sri Lanka. A perfect script for the hosts this has been. They won the toss, they won with the bat and they've won with the ball. This could have ended much earlier if not for that Stokes-Moeen stand. The seamers were sensational with the new ball and England could never recover after those early blows. The scores by Sri Lanka's top order were - 95, 54, 80, 56. While, the scores of England's top four batsmen were - 4, 0, 10, 0. That actually sums it up all. Sums up the tale of this match. Looking at the way it's pelting down in Colombo, guess that's the game. Sri Lanka are far too ahead of the DLS par score and this should be Sri Lanka's first win of the series.

26.1 Dananjaya to Plunkett, out Lbw!! So England have lost their ninth wicket in the form of Plunkett. This one was spinning in sharply and the batsman couldn't read it properly. Got struck on the pads before he could connect with his willow and although Plunkett went for the review, it couldn't save him. THREE REDS. Plunkett lbw b Dananjaya 5(10)

Dananjaya to Plunkett, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

England have gone for a review against an lbw decision. The drizzle has got heavier and the groundstaff has stormed into the outfield with the covers. Coming back to the decision - it's out. Umpire Aleem Dar sprints across the boundary ropes with his finger raised. It has started to pelt down now, and don't think we'll get any more play tonight. Not a single game in this series without a rain interupption. Story of the series, in short.

It has started to drizzle but the umpires have decided to carry on

25.6 Chameera to Tom Curran, no run, short and rising in the channel around off, Tom Curran defends it off the back foot

25.5 Chameera to Tom Curran, no run, overpitched delivery around middle and leg, reverse swinging and Tom Curran on-drives it. Thisara Perera stationed at mid-on collects the ball and scores a direct-hit at the bowler's end. The non-striker is well in, however

25.4 Chameera to Tom Curran, no run, short and quick around off, Tom Curran drops his bat and sways away

25.3 Chameera to Tom Curran, no run, back of a length and outside off, stabbed in front of point

Umpires having a chat on whether it's safe to play on. With a bit of contemplating they've decided to carry on.

25.2 Chameera to Tom Curran, no run, that's a decent delivery, skidding along a length and Tom Curran gets beaten on his back foot punch

25.1 Chameera to Plunkett, 1 run, on a length around middle and leg, nudged into the gap at mid-wicket by Plunkett

Dushmantha Chameera [5.0-0-19-3] is back into the attack

Groundstaff getting ready with the covers as they sense rain. We just heard the sound of thunder in the previous over, so you can predict rain anytime soon.

24.6 Dananjaya to Plunkett, 1 run, drives the flighted delivery down to long-on and retains strike

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