Rest of Ind vs VIDARBHA, Nagpur

Match drawn

Vidarbha - 79/0 & 800/7
Rest of Ind - 390

Summary Scorecard

The priceless Irani Cup has been handed to Faiz fazal and celebrations begin in the Vidarbha camp. Chandrakant Pandit, the man behind their success. Their coach, their mentor and their brain behind the astute team tactics decides to take a back seat at the time of the team photograph of the trophy celebrations. They have bashed Rest of India side left, right and center with a blackjack. Rest of India team looked formidable on paper but Vidarbha portrayed that battles are not won on paper. They played like a cohesive unit right through the match and they deserve to be crowned Champions. Vidarbha haven't lost a match in the longest format this entire season and that just sums up their dominance. This draws curtains to the Indian domestic calendar of the 2017-18 season. Hope you would have enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. This is Varun Dixit, signing off on behalf of my mates Sriram and Harish. Take care! There is lot of cricket action in store for today. Don't forget to join in to catch the action.

Faiz Fazal, winning captain - My aim was that all of our players should play the Irani Trophy. I am glad that we played it as a unit. Winning this is an icing on the cake. It was a big season for us. I am really happy with the way players have performed throughout the season. This was the most important game of the year and performing here and winning against the quality Rest Of India is really creditable.

Karun Nair - We couldn't put up a good show as a batting unit. Jayant and Vihari played well and got us to a respectable score. Credit to Vidarbha, they were brilliant throughout the game.

Wasim Jaffer, player of the match - This was a huge match for the team. I am very pleased to deliver in a big match. I ensure that I give my 100% in every match I play. We have played as a unit and all the players have played their part.

15:43 Local Time, 10:13 GMT, 15:43 IST: Faiz fazal has a bright smile on his face as he shakes hands with the Rest of India players. Smiles will remain on the faces of the Vidarbha players for a long time. They have clinched a historical victory here at their home ground. Having won the toss and electing to bat, everything went their way. The batsmen set up a tall first innings score of 800/7, thanks mainly to Wasim Jaffer's stubborn 286. The bowlers then reciprocated well and hunted in packs to bowl out Rest of India for 390, thereby gaining a massive lead of 410 runs. Barring Hanuma Vihari and Jayant Yadav, none of the RoI batsmen turned up. The writing was on the wall and Vidarbha didn't enforce the follow-on. In their second essay, Akshay Wadkar was handed a promotion at the top and he compiled a fluent fifty before Faiz Fazal called time on the innings. It is Vidarbha's maiden Irani Trophy and these players have stamped their name in the history of Indian cricket with golden letters. Time for presentations.

25.6 Samarth R to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, opens the face of the bat to the third man for a single. He brings up his fifty. Skipper Faiz Fazal waves his hands and signals his batsmen to come off the field. And that's it. Vidarbha are the Irani Cup Champions on first innings lead

25.5 Samarth R to Sanjay Ramaswamy, 1 run, fuller length ball outside off, Sanjay Ramaswamy drives it wide of mid-off for a single

25.4 Samarth R to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, turns it to mid wicket for a single

25.3 Samarth R to Akshay Wadkar, no run, full toss, Akshay Wadkar pushes it back to the bowler

25.2 Samarth R to Akshay Wadkar, no run, rapped on the pads, appeal from the bowler. Ball hits him outside the line of the line and umpire shakes his head

25.1 Samarth R to Sanjay Ramaswamy, 1 run, opens the face of the bat to backward point for a single

24.6 Prithvi Shaw to Sanjay Ramaswamy, 1 run, turned to mid wicket for a single. Six singles in the over

24.5 Prithvi Shaw to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, another delivery on the pads and Akshay Wadkar clips it to the leg-side

24.4 Prithvi Shaw to Sanjay Ramaswamy, 1 run, works it to backward square leg

24.3 Prithvi Shaw to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, nudges it to deep mid wicket for a single

24.2 Prithvi Shaw to Sanjay Ramaswamy, 1 run, gentle 73kmph delivery on the pads, Sanjay Ramaswamy turns it gently to the leg-side and walks for a single. Gentle cricket all around

24.1 Prithvi Shaw to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, goes on the back foot and nudges it to deep mid wicket for a single

Prithvi Shaw, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

Gurbani is padded up. He might come in next.

23.6 Samarth R to Akshay Wadkar, 1 run, at the stumps and Akshay Wadkar turns it to square leg for a single

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