BGT vs KAT, Abu Dhabi

Bangla Tigers won by 5 wkts

Bangla Tigers - 117/5 (8.5 Ovs)
Karnataka Tuskers - 114/1 (10 Ovs)

19:30 Local Time: A total that looked intimidating has been clubbed down with ease by the Tigers! Andre Fletcher at his nonchalant best was absolutely unstoppable, until he was in fact stopped by Lamichhane. There were a bunch of wickets to fall after that, but Frylinck and Moores arrested the fall and took the Tigers home comfortably. Presentations coming up in a bit...

8.5 Shapoor to Wiese, FOUR, short and into the body, and that's an easy Nataraja pull towards the backward square leg boundary for four. That's the end of that, with 7 balls to spare. Clinical.

8.4 Shapoor to Tom Moores, 1 run, full-toss on the hips, lapped away with a pull towards deep square leg for a single

8.3 Shapoor to Tom Moores, SIX, short and on the stumps, cross-batted straight down the ground off a top-edge and into the sightscreen for six

David Wiese, right handed bat, comes to the crease

8.2 Shapoor to Frylinck, out Caught by Patrick Brown! A low full-toss, catapulted down to the man at cow corner for a catch! Brown redeems himself for that drop, and that's the end of Frylinck. Frylinck c Patrick Brown b Shapoor 13(7) [4s-2]

Shapoor to Frylinck, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

8.1 Shapoor to Frylinck, FOUR, yorker length ball, Frylinck reaches out and flick-swats this on the full towards cow corner for four! Could've been a catch, but he's let it through...

Shapoor Zadran [1.0-0-14-0] is back into the attack

7.6 Rimmington to Tom Moores, 2 runs, fuller length and wide outside off, Tom Moores drags it off the inside edge towards long-on for a couple

7.5 Rimmington to Tom Moores, FOUR, full and wide, Tom Moores scythes that away through deep backward point for four

7.4 Rimmington to Tom Moores, SIX, length ball angling away, Tom Moores steps across and smokes that cross-batted over deep mid-wicket for a colossal six!

7.3 Rimmington to Tom Moores, no run, very full, wide yorker length ball, Tom Moores tries squeezing it away, misses

7.2 Rimmington to Frylinck, 1 run, short and into the body, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single

7.2 Rimmington to Frylinck, wide, angling down leg, and that's called a wide

7.1 Rimmington to Frylinck, 2 runs, fuller length delivery on middle, swatted away towards the on-side for a single

Nathan Rimmington [1.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

6.6 Ahmed Raza to Tom Moores, SIX, right into the slot, he sets up for the sweep and nails that over deep square leg for six!

6.5 Ahmed Raza to Tom Moores, 2 runs, angling away from off, Tom Moores drags the sweep to long-on for a couple

6.4 Ahmed Raza to Frylinck, 1 run, angling into the stumps, Frylinck backs away and chops it away towards deep backward point for a single