DH vs CTB, Durban

Cape Town Blitz won by 10 runs

Durban Heat - 164/7 (20 Ovs)
Cape Town Blitz - 174/6 (20 Ovs)

Durban finally had a match where rain didn't call the shots and the homecrowd will be disapoointed at not finishing on the winning note. We are now off to Paarl where the Rocks won the toss and will bat first against the Spartans. Join us for all the action. For now, cheers and bye..

Durban Heat will wonder at how they managed to lose today. The match was there for the taking with six overs to go - they needed 56 with Wihan Lubbe well-set. de Kock gambled with Steyn's fourth over and the legend struck to dismiss the left-hander. It all went pear shaped after that, Miller was yorked by Riaz, Bopara just couldn't get going and they fell short by 10 runs. Third win for the impressive Blitz and they sit nicely at the top of the table

19.6 Magala to Maharaj, 1 run, fuller length delivery at the stumps, Maharaj backs away and drives it past extra-cover for a single

19.5 Magala to Subrayen, 1 run, slower ball at the stumps, Subrayen was all cramped up on the nudge, gets an inside edge to the on-side

Prenelan Subrayen, right handed bat, comes to the crease

19.4 Magala to Bopara, out Bowled!! That should be the end for the Heat - a perfect yorker from Magala, full and at the stumps, Bopara backed away on the drive and missed, the ball crashed into the base of middle-stump and that's that for Durban. Bopara b Magala 12(15)

Magala to Bopara, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

19.3 Magala to Bopara, 2 runs, chance and Livingstone has dropped a dolly at deep square leg, length delivery and Bopara swung with all his might - the ball seemed to have held up in the breeze and when it dropped down, Livingstone was under it, somehow he dropped it - still had a second chance in running Bopara out - but his throw is wild and QdK can't collect it

19.2 Magala to Maharaj, 1 run, on a good length and at the stumops, Maharaj backs away and drives it square past cover for a single

16 needed from 5 balls

19.1 Magala to Maharaj, FOUR, much needed boundary for Maharaj - very full and wide of off, Maharaj backs away, plays with an open face and squeezes it behind square on the off-side for a boundary

20 needed from the last over

18.6 Riaz to Bopara, 2 runs, another slower ball from Riaz, driven down to long-on and Bopara comes back for the second run

18.5 Riaz to Maharaj, 1 run, on a good length and at the stumps, Maharaj swings and gets a thick edge down towards third man

18.4 Riaz to Maharaj, no run, fuller length delivery and holding its line outside off, Maharaj swung hard and missed after backing away

18.3 Riaz to Bopara, 1 run, full and tailing back into the right-hander, worked wide of mid-wicket for a single

18.2 Riaz to Maharaj, 1 run, Riaz comes from round the wicket and angles one back into the right-hander, squirted behind square on the on-side for a single

18.1 Riaz to Bopara, 1 run, on a good length and at the stumps, Bopara doesn't get hold of the lofted drive, mistimes it to long-on

18.1 Riaz to Bopara, wide, fuller length delivery and sliding down leg, called as a wide

Keshav Maharaj, right handed bat, comes to the crease