SYS vs HBH, Sydney

No result

Sydney Sixers - 45/2 (6.4 Ovs)
Hobart Hurricanes -

21:27 Local Time, 10:27 GMT, 15:57 IST: There's the inevitable. The match has been called off! One point apiece for both the sides and their positions in the points table is unaltered. Not a cricket-friendly result, but NSW needs the rain badly. Hopefully, it brings the much-needed bushfire relief across the state. The Big Bash action shifts to the Adelaide Oval tomorrow - Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane Heat. Tune in for that clash. Until then, goodbye!

21:17 Local Time, 10:17 GMT, 15:47 IST: @BBL tweets - "We must have a re-start here by 9:49pm or else it will be a no result. That's looking unlikely, it must be said."

20:32 Local Time, 09:32 GMT, 15:02 IST: You might wonder why there isn't any update, but the reality is that the rain continues to pour at the SCG. FYI, we've started losing overs.

20:00 Local Time, 09:00 GMT, 14:30 IST: Umbrellas still up in the crowd which suggests that the rain is still falling.

19:41 Local Time, 08:41 GMT, 14:11 IST: The rain which was threatening for a while has now upped the intensity, forcing the umpires to call for covers. The groundstaff sprint onto the field to protect the 22-yard strip and the outfield. Dark skies overhead, ermm.. this doesn't look promising. Play has been suspended for now.

6.4 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Hughes, no run, full on off, turned to mid-wicket

6.3 Nathan Ellis to Henriques, leg byes, 1 run, run-out chance missed. Bailey at point had all the time in the world to hit his target the striker's end but he misses. Henriques had given up, phew. Back of a length and skids on to rap Henriques on the pad, it dribbles to point. Henriques wanted to fetch a leg-bye and eventually gets his wish fulfilled as there was no backing up the throw from Bailey

6.2 Nathan Ellis to Henriques, FOUR, Ellis once again extracts venomous swing in the air. Henriques was casually sticks his bat out and the outside edge scurries past the keeper en route to the third man fence

6.1 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Hughes, 1 run, slower ball just outside off, Hughes sensibly pats it in front of cover

5.6 Boland to Henriques, no run, cramps Henriques for room with a nip-bender, dead-batted into the pitch

5.5 Boland to Daniel Hughes, 1 run, cuts away off the seam just outside off, dinked to the left of slip and they'll snatch a run

5.4 Boland to Henriques, 1 run, waits for the ball to come to him and then guides it to short third man

5.3 Boland to Daniel Hughes, 1 run, takes all the pace off and pounds it on a back of a length, nudged to mid-wicket

5.2 Boland to Daniel Hughes, no run, 130.6kph. Fuller length just outside off, Hughes leans forward and pushes it to mid-off

5.1 Boland to Daniel Hughes, 2 runs, short from Boland, Hughes turns it away to square leg

4.6 Nathan Ellis to Henriques, no run, wow! Late swing for Ellis. Pitched it full and Henriques had no clue as he was lining up to work it across the line. It trims the outside edge and rolls towards the keeper

4.5 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Hughes, 1 run, closed bat-face nurdle through square leg

4.4 Nathan Ellis to Henriques, 3 runs, nifty from Henriques, opening the bat face just in time and steers it wide of point. Long chase for the fielder and they will come back for the third

Oh dear, it's started to rain now.

4.3 Nathan Ellis to Daniel Hughes, 1 run, push-driven to the left of mid-off