RSA vs Eng, Port Elizabeth

Day 2: 2nd Session - England opt to bat

ENG - 391/6 (136.0 Ovs)

CRR:  2.88
Ollie Pope*88(173)13050.87
Sam Curran28(39)3171.79
Partnership: 37(58)
Last wkt: Jos Buttler c and b Maharaj 1(15)
Recent balls: . . . 1 2 . | 6 . 1 . 1 2 | . 1 . 4 . .

ENG: 391-6 after 136 overs

135.6 Nortje to Sam Curran, no run, fuller and outside off, Curran reaches out and blocks it to cover

135.5 Nortje to Sam Curran, no run, shorter and outside off, Curran mistimes the pull

135.4 Nortje to Sam Curran, FOUR, thick edge but well wide of gully and it rockets to the fence. Curran saw some width on offer and just threw his hands at it to get a thick slice

135.3 Nortje to Sam Curran, no run, angling into Curran who defends it well from the crease

Melan Dravid says: "This partnership is hurting. Faf has to do something here. Needs to have some change of plans."

135.2 Nortje to Ollie Pope, 1 run, shortish and wider outside off, Pope cuts it away behind point

135.1 Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, back of a length outside off, Pope stays back and blocks

Anrich Nortje [21.0-4-78-1] is back into the attack

ENG: 386-6 after 135 overs