Aus vs Pak, Adelaide

Australia won by an innings and 48 runs

Pak - 239 & 302
Aus - 589/3

Muhammad Musa, right handed bat, comes to the crease

81.1 Hazlewood to Rizwan, out Bowled!! Rizwan departs now and end is extremely near for Pakistan now! Hazlewood pitches it right upto Rizwan and gets it to shape back in significantly. Rizwan went for an expansive drive through cover, fails to combat the movement and ends up playing it down the wrong line. It rips through his defence and disturbs his furniture. Hazlewood celebrates the wicket by raising his hand. Rizwan b Hazlewood 45(103) [4s-4]

Hazlewood to Rizwan, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Josh Hazlewood [22.0-4-59-2] is back into the attack

80.6 Starc to Abbas, no run, rippah! Abbas anticpates this one to jag back but it nips away from him and it defeats him comprehensively

80.5 Starc to Abbas, no run, 142.9 kph good length delivery wide of off, he leaves it alone

80.4 Starc to Abbas, no run, sharp bumper from Starc, Abbas sways away from the line of the ball and ducks under it

80.3 Starc to Abbas, no run, back of a length delivery wide of off, Abbas leaves it alone and allows it to go through to the keeper

80.2 Starc to Rizwan, 1 run, length ball around off, Rizwan gets behind it and pushes it to sweeper cover. Rizwan wanted to come back for a double but decides against it

80.1 Starc to Abbas, 1 run, full delivery attacking the stumps, Abbas stays put and pushes it down the ground to get Rizwan back on strike

Australia have taken the second new ball.

79.6 Lyon to Rizwan, no run, fired down the leg-side, Rizwan leaves it alone

79.5 Lyon to Rizwan, FOUR, charges down with a lot of intent and heaves it across the line, miscues it but still gets enough bat behind it to send it to boundary through square leg

79.4 Lyon to Rizwan, no run, offie spinning into Rizwan, it bounces extra. Rizwan adjusts well and defends it down

Welcome back for the final session. New ball will be due after three balls.

Most wkts at Adelaide:-
56 - Shane Warne
50* - Nathan Lyon
46 - Glenn McGrath
45 - Dennis Lillee

Nathan Lyon: It was a pretty good session there. Hopefully we'll be clinical and finish this off. I've bowled much worse and picked up fifers. Enjoying playing cricket with this group of guys, hopefully we'll get the next two quickly. 

18:23 Local Time, 07:53 GMT, 13:23 IST --> Dinner: Tim Paine decides to take his players off the field for dinner. Australia are two wickets away from inflicting a 2-0 whitewash. The visitors have lost three wickets in the session and are starring at another humiliating defeat here. Iftikhar was the first to go, inside-edging an off-break from Lyon to short leg. Pakistan's highest scorer in the first innings Yasir Shah walked in and unfortunately couldn't repeat his heroics getting trapped in front for 13 and then Shaheen Afridi had a brain-freeze moment just before the stroke of the break and threw his wicket away in haste, helping Lyon get his fifer. Expect Australia to do the clean-up job quickly post the interval unless Rizwan tries to delay things. We'll see you in 30 minutes from now.

Nathan Lyon's 5-fer:-
- 1st vs PAK
- 4th at Adelaide
- 6th at home
- 16th overall

79.3 Lyon to Shaheen Afridi, out Caught by Hazlewood!! Fifer for the Adelaide spin-king - Nathon Lyon. It's also his 50th wicket here. Unbelievable from Afridi. What has he done here? Silly shot and I am sure the coach and the captain in the dressing room won't be pleased with this stroke. Lyon balloons it up invitingly just outside off, Afridi wanted to smash it out of the park and all he could end up doing it slicing it up to deepish mid-off. Lost his shape completely and balance was all awry. Shaheen Afridi c Hazlewood b Lyon 1(15)